Gallery: Brits at Biofach

British firms were out in force at this year’s Biofach exhibition at Nuremberg. In this small selection of photos you’ll spot a few familiar faces from Community, Clearspring, Daioni and Essential care. And let’s not forget the Playmobil man who helped us find our way in! Look out for our Bioach news reports in Industry News. […]

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Yogi Teas

Innovative and authentic new ranges helped Yogi Teas produce growth in 2009 in a crowded speciality teas sector, writes Jim Manson At the beginning of 2009 Yogi Tea’s European chief executive, Keith Bearden, told The Grocer about the brand’s big ambitions for the UK tea market. (more…)

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This. Is. Wrong

Organic has taken a bit of a battering this year . UK sales seem to be down in many sectors: TNS reckon -14% year-on-year. The recession caused many light-green consumers to question the benefits they got from organic purchases and the FSA’s badly designed attack on nutritional benefits did not help. (more…)

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Nice Bentley, Mr Scabbins

The keynote speaker at last Friday’s National Health Store Conference, Geoff Burch, cut a slightly unlikely figure for a gathering of natural products retailers. Anticipating the likely response, Geoff quipped: “You’re probably thinking, hang on, there’s an escaped night club bouncer in the room”. (more…)

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