The biggest metric mistake? – you do the maths

Sales revenue, margin, profit, customers per day, average sales value et cetera are all standard metrics in identifying how well your business is doing. There are however metric aspects which businesses can get completely wrong resulting in poor decisions. The key objective of most advertising and promotion campaigns is clearly to increase business. To measure […]

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Mind the gap

John Silvestro has some tips on how to show your customers how premium can be affordable Every retailer wants to sell premium brands as they offer higher benefits and value. The saying “you get what you pay for“ usually rings true. The problem is that whilst educated consumers understand different levels of brand values, uninitiated […]

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A Tale Of Two Retailers

As John Lewis Partnership and Marks and Spencer Christmas sales figures are announced I am reminded of how even large retailers can misinterpret the concept of value. JLP department store Christmas period sales were 5% up whilst M&S report a 5.8% sales decline in general merchandise. There are many factors for this comparative variance, however […]

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