Healthy Heart

The pulse of the heart health category is proving strong for retailers. First the good news: according to the British Heart Foundation, the total number of deaths from heart and circulatory disease is actually falling in the UK. The charity puts this down to a better public understanding of risk factors for coronary heart disease, […]

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Walking on the beaches…

When your customers head off on their hols, they’re dreaming of walking on the beaches not sitting it out in the hotel loo or nursing sunburnt shoulders. Jane Wolfe reports on natural solutions to holiday hazards. (more…)

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Green days

The green cleaning sector is defying the doldrums on the high street and offering retailers more and better products than ever (more…)

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Allergy in the UK

‘New to nature’ chemicals, industrial farming, over-processed food and excessive hygiene have all have been linked with the epidemic of allergy we’re seeing in the UK today. Luckily, the natural products sector has lots to offer – as Jane Wolfe has been finding out (more…)

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Stevia: how sweet is that?

Last month the first of a new wave of stevia products hit UK shelves. Natural Products asks what the natural herbal sweetener could do for your store? Last month the first of a new wave of stevia products hit UK shelves. Natural Products asks what the natural herbal sweetener could do for your store? (more…)

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It’s cold outside

Natural products designed for winter wellness gives the industry a huge boost every year. Sarah Callard explores how best to keep your customers healthy as the nights start drawing in. (more…)

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Opportunity of a lunchtime

Twelve o’clock to two o’clock – two hours in the day that could transform your business. Are you embracing the opportunity of a lunchtime? Jim Manson has been talking to retailers who are. (more…)

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Pause for thought

The menopause is treated by many GPs as a medical condition rather than a natural part of women’s life cycle. As with pregnancy, menopausal symptoms become medicalised and women start to feel as though it’s something they’ve got to battle through rather than accepting it as a new stage in their lives. However, that’s not […]

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