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    Synthetic versus natural debate fuelled by ‘fake dichotomy’

     April 27, 2018  Jim Manson

    The debate that pitches natural – or food state – vitamins against synthetic versions is based on a ‘fake dichotomy’, a prominent figure from the UK supplements industry has claimed.

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    Treat food ‘as medicine’ says Dr Rupy Aujla

     March 21, 2018  Rosie Greenaway

    Speaking at the annual HFI luncheon held on 15 March, Dr Rupy Aujla gave an engaging and articulate lecture on how he is pushing his concept of ‘culinary medicine’ on the NHS in a bid to highlight the potential power of using ‘food as medicine’ and how it could benefit the nation’s health. “Imagine a […]

  • Food and Drink

    Calorie—cutting campaign to ‘empower’ parents

     January 3, 2018  Rosie Greenaway

    In a recent study, Public Health England has found that the average primary school child eats at least three sugary snacks a day, leading to a daily sugar consumption of three times the recommended upper limit.

  • pregnancy
    Health & Nutrition

    Social media drives growth in the global market for prenatal supplements

     December 15, 2017  Jim Manson

    The rapid improvements in healthcare infrastructure in various emerging economies and growing penetration of social media have been helping to drive growth in the prenatal nutritional supplements category, according to a new study by Transparency Market Research (TMR).

  • Company News

    ‘Choose the good life’ says Holland & Barrett

     December 13, 2017  Rosie Greenaway

    New and existing natural products shone as the industry gathered for the annual Holland & Barrett Showcase.



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