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EU-wide roadmap for healthier food published

Late last month the Roadmap for Action on Food Product Improvement was launched at a two-day conference organized by the Netherlands Presidency. The European initiative is endorsed by member states, food businesses and non-governmental organizations, and aims to achieve reduced levels of salt, added sugar and saturated fats in foods in a bid to combat […]

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MSC and ASC join forces for global seaweed standard

With seaweed production increasing along with demand for certification the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is collaborating with the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) to create a joint global standard for certifying seaweed operations. The Seaweed Standard aims to contribute to the health of the world’s aquatic ecosystems by promoting environmentally sustainable and locally responsible use of […]

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Whole Foods pulls unpeeled mandarins after photo goes viral

Whole Foods has removed a range of pre-peeled, plastic-packed mandarins after a photo of the product taken in a Californian store went viral, reports the BBC. Twitter use Nathalie Gordon posted an image of the photo of the Whole Foods product alongside the comment: “If only nature could find a way to cover these oranges […]

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Nordic diet associated with better physical performance in later life

In a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, Finnish researchers have found that a Nordic diet may be beneficial for overall physical performance in older people. The investigation involved 1,072 participants from the Helsinki Birth Cohort Study who took part in a questionnaire about how often specific items of food were consumed. At […]

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International initiative takes True Cost of Food to consumers

A major new initiative to promote the idea that food prices should reflect the true cost of food was jointly announced by the global organic group IFOAM and the Nature & More label earlier this month in Germany. According to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the hidden costs of conventionally produced food amount […]

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New genetic engineering techniques mustn’t bypass EU GMO laws, warns IFOAM

New genetic engineering techniques must not be allowed to bypass EU laws governing GMOs, says IFOAM EU. The European organic grouping warns of “severe economic consequences” if some of these techniques are deregulated by the European Commission. “New techniques bearing the same potential risks as the GMOs currently on the market should not be used […]

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US study shows ‘healthy food’ is sometimes worse for the environment

A study by US researchers shows that ‘healthy foods’ – including certain fruit and vegetables – may sometimes be more damaging to the environment than meat. The research team, from Carnegie Mellon University set out to study the food supply chain to determine how the obesity epidemic in the US was affecting the environment. The […]

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Russia signals aim to be organic superpower 

Russia has signalled its intention to become a global “organic superpower”, reports Russia Today. In September, Russia announced that it would ban genetically modified organisms in crops and in food products. Now, the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has signalled the country’s desire to become the world’s biggest producer of “ecologically clean”, non-GM and organic food. […]

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Soil Association secures first licence for UK organic exports to China

The first licence for UK organic exports to China has been awarded via the partnership between Soil Association Certification and China’s certification body, OFDC (Organic Food Development and Certification Centre of China). Soil Association Certification agreed the partnership in April 2014 to facilitate the export of organic products to China, and enables its licensees to […]

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Sweden sees doubling of certified organic restaurants

Sweden has doubled the number of certified organic restaurants in the country following an initiative launched last year by the Swedish organic body KRAV. Around 1,000 restaurants in Sweden now have organic certification and KRAV expects this to rise to 1,500 by the end of the year. KRAV applies a three-tier system for restaurants. Level […]

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Future bright for novel foods following Strasbourg vote

Last week MEPs adopted proposals that will enable novel foods to be brought to market with far less obstruction and bureaucracy. The changes to the Novel Foods Regulation aim to streamline the processes for approving new foods, specifically by having a single authorisation procedure in place for the EU, for which the European Food Safety […]

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Natural Products Scandinavia 2015 opens in Malmö this weekend

This weekend thousands of natural and organic buyers, retailers, wholesalers and distributors will converge at Malmö in Sweden for the largest trade show for natural products in the Nordic region – Natural Products Scandinavia. Taking place on 1-2 November, the two day trade show features a packed conference programme and over 350 natural, organic, fairtrade, […]

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McDonald’s introduces organic burger in Germany

McDonald’s in Germany is offering a 100% organic burger for a limited period in an attempt to revamp its image and appeal to its health-conscious customers. The McB burger will be produced from meat sourced from organic farms in Germany and Austria. This follows the fast-food chain’s announcement that it will use eggs from cage-free […]

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Local produce trumps organic for German consumers

A survey carried out in eight supermarkets across Germany has found that organically-minded consumers prefer locally produced food to organic food that originates from another country. The study, by Corinna Hempel and Ulrich Hamm, looked at German consumers’ attitudes towards organic food and local food and their purchase behaviour with regard to four different products. […]

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NZ research claims calcium doesn’t benefit bone density

Research published on the British Medical Journal’s website, has concluded that “for most individuals concerned about their bone density, increasing calcium intake is unlikely to be beneficial.” The two studies looked at by the researchers from Department of Medicine, University of Auckland, and Department of Public Health, University of Otago, in New Zealand, featured participants […]

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