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Sweet spot

Last week I visited the brand new £225 million Pembury Hospital, just outside Tunbridge Wells. It’s a genuinely state of the art building, and the country’s first all-single room (512 in all) NHS hospital. (more…)

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A precautionary tale

Environmental campaigners have for decades argued in favour of the ‘precautionary principle’. When the possible consequences of something are simply too serious to risk — say, global warming —  the responsible action is to take steps early, not wait until you are up to your ears in seawater, waving for help with your hard evidence […]

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Yours awesomely,

“Wow, your blog is awesome. I literally just stumbled across it, but now I’m going to tell all my friends about it!”….“What a great site this is.  And let me tell you, the quality of your writing is awesome!!” Yes, since my Editor’s Comment was recently rebranded as Blog Spot it has become officially awesome. […]

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Anti-organic, moi?

I felt almost nostalgic seeing John Krebs having a go at organic on last week’s IQ2US debate in New York (see story). It was just like the old days. One minute the former head of the Food Standards Agency was flamboyantly declaring he was “absolutely not anti-organic”, the next he was launching into what must […]

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But is it art?

For many people in the natural healthcare field professor Edzard Ernst is sadly best known for his criticism of complementary medicine. So much so that I usually feel the need to preface any mention of him with the word ‘controversial’ (as in “the controversial professor of complementary medicine at Exeter University …”). (more…)

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Nice Bentley, Mr Scabbins

The keynote speaker at last Friday’s National Health Store Conference, Geoff Burch, cut a slightly unlikely figure for a gathering of natural products retailers. Anticipating the likely response, Geoff quipped: “You’re probably thinking, hang on, there’s an escaped night club bouncer in the room”. (more…)

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