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Craig Sams


A couple of young women pitched up at our place recently. We fed them, gave them a twin-bed room and they worked for us for six hours every day, mostly weeding and cutting back brambles on the edge of the orchard. If they had to pay for a B&B it would cost them £700 a […]

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Will Ye No Come Back Again

You have four different types of customer and it is vitally important to understand the differences. In my seminars across the UK and abroad I repeatedly stress this key business principle using an animal analogy. The four types of customer are butterflies, loyal hounds, ‘dumb asses’ and blind bats.

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Cliffs and costs: Brexit risks and opportunities

There has been much speculation about the impact of Brexit on the British food and farming industry, with the most urgent policy questions relating to the much-discussed potential ‘cliff-edge’ with any agreed transitional agreements. Disruptions to the supply chain and the supply of labour in the food and agriculture sector will need to be carefully […]

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Winning the cold war

Despite the anti-vitamin propaganda, vitamin C actually works – depending on the dose. That’s the conclusion of the most recent and most thorough review published this year by Professor Harri Hemila from the University of Helsinki, including a clear exposé of the flaws that were used to falsely discredit vitamin C.

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Taking a position

This August saw the Brexit Secretary David Davis launch a series of new ‘position papers’ that set out the Government’s thinking on a whole range of Brexit related issues – some of which, such as future customs arrangements between the EU and a post-departure UK, are very relevant indeed for the natural products industry.

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Unpicking the regulations

August sees the traditional pause in the Parliamentary calendar, and a chance in recent years to pause for breath between momentous political events. It is also an opportunity to look ahead to what may take place in the busy Parliamentary session taking us to the end of the year.

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Craig Sams

The Old Order is crumbling – great news for health freedom

The big conflict of our age is between Big Government and the MAAFIA (Microsoft Apple Alphabet Facebook Instagram Amazon), says Craig Sams. The implications for health freedom are profound. Recently Theresa May has been making threatening noises about needing to control the internet and social media for ‘national security’ reasons. The press, including the erstwhile […]

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