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Let bodily fluids and solids (and food) be thy medicine

Craig Sams imagines the health farms of the future where ‘super healthy’ humans are raised. Until just over a decade ago the missus and I would go to Shrubland Hall Health Clinic up in Suffolk, where we’d enjoy vegetarian food, bracing country walks, massage, pilates and other healthful activities and return refreshed and invigorated. They […]

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Bringing chilled juice back from the brink

Recently appointed general manager at Coldpress UK, Roger Harrison, gives us his view on the future of the soft drinks industry. On the 26 June 2014 a well-written Public Health England report called Sugar Reduction – Responding To The Challenge was published. In the days that followed the soft drinks industry was branded the Wicked […]

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The biggest metric mistake? – you do the maths

Sales revenue, margin, profit, customers per day, average sales value et cetera are all standard metrics in identifying how well your business is doing. There are however metric aspects which businesses can get completely wrong resulting in poor decisions. The key objective of most advertising and promotion campaigns is clearly to increase business. To measure […]

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No gain without grain?

Is it time we stopped blaming all grains and acknowledge that they have been part of humanity’s evolution for the last million years? asks Patrick Holford There’s a big trend among the health conscious for gluten-free foods and blaming grains, which provide two thirds of humanity’s calories, for the epidemic of obesity and diabetes. Banting […]

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Why organic reforms may already have been overtaken by events

  Efforts to reform the organic industry may already have been overtaken by events, says Simon Wright Craig Sams’s column is always the first thing I read in Natural Products magazine, and this months piece on certification was typically thought-provoking. Having been fully immersed in the labyrinthine world of ethical certification for (golly) three decades […]

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How to regenerate organic – privatize it

How can we free organic from its self-imposed bureaucratic box? We could always ask Brussels to privatize us, says Craig Sams Q. What do Slow Food, LEAF, Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, Cosmos, Marine Stewardship Council, Red Tractor, Vegan, Vegetarian, Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) and Woodmark all have in common? A. They all operate trusted authentication symbols that are […]

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Is moringa the ‘superfood of superfoods’?

Is moringa the ‘superfood of superfoods’? asks Patrick Holford The hottest new superfood is Moringaoleifera, a leafy bush, that is an incredibly rich source of nutrients, antioxidants and polyphenols. It has anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting and anti-cancer properties and helps reduce everything you would want to protect against cancer and diabetes, as well as boosting sexual activity […]

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Mind the gap

John Silvestro has some tips on how to show your customers how premium can be affordable Every retailer wants to sell premium brands as they offer higher benefits and value. The saying “you get what you pay for“ usually rings true. The problem is that whilst educated consumers understand different levels of brand values, uninitiated […]

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Craig Sams

Cheer up, we just reversed humanity’s decline

OK, reversing humanity’s decline took 40 or 50 years longer than we thought. But let’s celebrate it anyway, writes Craig Sams Could this be the Big Lifestyle Turnaround that we’ve been dreaming about and waiting for? Every year for decades there has been an annual increase in new cases of Type 2 diabetes, which correlates […]

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Craig Sams

Food and friendship without frontiers

Craig Sams celebrates the role of the natural food industry in helping to nourish refugees in Calais camps In 1911 Karim Aboud Saba faced a dilemma – stay at home in his Christian hillside village in Syria or go to an uncertain future in America? He had a wife and 2 kids. The Turks were […]

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A Tale Of Two Retailers

As John Lewis Partnership and Marks and Spencer Christmas sales figures are announced I am reminded of how even large retailers can misinterpret the concept of value. JLP department store Christmas period sales were 5% up whilst M&S report a 5.8% sales decline in general merchandise. There are many factors for this comparative variance, however […]

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Craig Sams

Grow organic, save the planet

Solving global warming was never going to be easy, but it would be a heck of a lot easier if we cast off the deadly grip of agribusiness – and started farming for the future Global warming? Panic over. Fly guilt-free where you like as often as you like. Splash out on that 7 litre […]

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