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A Tale Of Two Retailers

As John Lewis Partnership and Marks and Spencer Christmas sales figures are announced I am reminded of how even large retailers can misinterpret the concept of value. JLP department store Christmas period sales were 5% up whilst M&S report a 5.8% sales decline in general merchandise. There are many factors for this comparative variance, however […]

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Craig Sams

Grow organic, save the planet

Solving global warming was never going to be easy, but it would be a heck of a lot easier if we cast off the deadly grip of agribusiness – and started farming for the future Global warming? Panic over. Fly guilt-free where you like as often as you like. Splash out on that 7 litre […]

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Craig Sams

Bitter sweet insanity

How seriously should we take official exhortations to cut sugar consumption while governments continue to subsidise industrial scale sugar farming? asks Craig Sams When my brother Gregory and I set up Harmony Foods in 1970 we committed to never using sugar in our business. In 1972, in my book About Macrobiotics, I had written about […]

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Craig Sams

Real change is coming

People have had enough of corrupt politicians and their ruthlessly self-serving corporate backers. Real world change is breaking out everywhere Did you get what you voted for in the election? More GMOs from Monsanto? The chance for NATO to bomb another country into chaos? More useless drugs based on junk research sold at extortionate prices […]

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What’s wrong with detox?

The Guardian recently published an unbridled attack on the “detox industry” and supplements and dietary habits for detox. Among the comments were that detox was a “scam” and “pseudo-medical concept designed to sell you things … Much of the sales patter revolves around ‘toxins’: poisonous substance that you ingest or inhale. But it’s not clear exactly […]

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Jim Manson

Taking organic forward

 Last month four prominent Soil Association trustees who recently resigned from the charity accused it of disowning the ‘O’ word. They also warned that the organization had become “controversy-averse”. At the heart of their criticisms is the implementation to date of the Soil Association’s flagship strategy The Road to 2020, launched in 2011 after a long […]

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Craig Sams

To create real change in the world sometimes you have to compromise

Last week four Soil Association trustees resigned from the charity accusing it of lacking conviction on organic. But to create real change you sometimes just have to compromise, says Craig Sams In 1946 two pioneering women, Eve Balfour and Dr. Innes Pearce, founded the Soil Association. Eve was a farmer who developed organic principles by creating healthy […]

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Craig Sams

The future is meat less

People everywhere are reducing meat consumption. Craig Sams argues that organic farmers are well placed to adjust to the coming low-meat scenario My late great aunt Sophia was very religious and faithfully observed all the fast days of the Orthodox Church’s nearly 2000 year-old religious calendar. When you totted up every Wednesday and Friday plus Lent, […]

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Jim Manson

A price to pay

Organic retail sales in the UK are on the move again and growth, though modest, are outpacing conventional sales. But organic’s share of total food and drink sales stubbornly refuses to move. At just below 2% it’s significantly lower than that of other European countries with mature organic markets – it’s 3.7% in Germany, 3.59% […]

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Jim Manson

The good earth

In the New Year the Soil Association is to get a rebrand. The most visible change will be the organic charity’s new logo, which got its first outing at this month’s Soil Association Annual Conference. The new logo is a striking departure from the current, serviceable but slightly buttoned up design. It’s in colour for […]

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Craig Sams

Nordic thriller

 The Nordic Food Lab fuses the finest gastronomic traditions with cutting edge science to thrilling effect, writes Craig Sams You have to hand it to the Danes.  They took over Britain in 1066 and have ruled it with a firm hand ever since.  Now Nordic Food is where it’s at with food technology. This isn’t the food […]

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Craig Sams

War of the world

After a century of destructive conflict a new battle is about the begin – the one to save Planet Earth. It’s the war we really can’t afford to lose, writes Craig Sams. “I’m the King of the castle – and you’re a dirty rascal” Every since my playground days I’ve been aware of who holds the […]

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Craig Sams

Say it Loud, I’m Blob and I’m Proud

Oh, dearie me. In a bitter article in the Sunday Telegraph just a few days after Cameron sacked him as Environment Minister, Owen Paterson lashed out at “the ‘Green Blob’ of environmental pressure groups, renewable energy groups and public officials who keep each other well supplied with lavish funds, scare stories and green tape.” Then […]

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Organic is different

To many of us, especially those who grow our own, the idea that organically produced fruit and veg is good for you just seems instinctively right. When you know what has – and hasn’t – gone into the soil and how little the sophisticated processes of nature have been interfered with by the grower, then […]

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Craig Sams

How to decarbonize a planet

Making the switch to organic agriculture on a global scale and turning waste biomass into biochar offers the real prospect of being able to reverse global warming, says Craig Sams What’s happening out there? Is the world quietly going sane? A leading US Republican, Henry Paulsen, has come out strongly for action on climate change […]

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What’s wrong with wheat?

The ‘convention’ is that wholegrains should be a major part of our diet and that a small fraction of people, one in 3,000, are intolerant to wheat gluten (coeliac disease). Every part of this sentence is wrong and I’d like to explain why. Firstly, the wheat you eat today bears little resemblance to the wheat […]

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Craig Sams

Have you been dealing comfrey, sonny?

The natural food trade should take a lead in exposing the hypocritical regulation of herbal medicine, says Craig Sams A bust in Denver: “Okay, kid, put your hands up against the wall. Spread your legs while we pat you down.” Two cops search a young man’s clothing. “Nothing here but a couple of marijuana joints […]

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Great Social Media Myths

My discussions with lots of business owners about social media mainly fall into two groups. The first group say they don’t use social media in their marketing as they’re not “internet savvy”.  Well here’s some good news, you don’t need to know anything about the internet to exploit the power of social media – I’ll […]

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