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But is it art?

For many people in the natural healthcare field professor Edzard Ernst is sadly best known for his criticism of complementary medicine. So much so that I usually feel the need to preface any mention of him with the word ‘controversial’ (as in “the controversial professor of complementary medicine at Exeter University …”). (more…)

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This. Is. Wrong

Organic has taken a bit of a battering this year . UK sales seem to be down in many sectors: TNS reckon -14% year-on-year. The recession caused many light-green consumers to question the benefits they got from organic purchases and the FSA’s badly designed attack on nutritional benefits did not help. (more…)

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Nice Bentley, Mr Scabbins

The keynote speaker at last Friday’s National Health Store Conference, Geoff Burch, cut a slightly unlikely figure for a gathering of natural products retailers. Anticipating the likely response, Geoff quipped: “You’re probably thinking, hang on, there’s an escaped night club bouncer in the room”. (more…)

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