Consumers should “have a choice” over GM says OMSCO boss

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The executive director of the organic milk cooperative OMSCO says he believes consumers should “have a choice” about whether to choose to eat GM food or not.

Lyndon Edwards, who has farmed organically for 15 years, made the comment in an in interview with Farmers Guardian.

Edwards told the publication: ‘‘It (GM) is not the right thing to do, but I believe people should have the choice’. Referring to the recent EU decision to allow national decision making on GM crop planting, he said: “GM is a fait accompli, so we need to look on the bright side.”

Edwards suggested that his opinion was shared by “some” OMSCO members, but added that he would “probably be shot” for airing his views.

Lawrence Woodward, OMSCO’s founding chairman, was one of the first to reach for the metaphorical shotgun. He commented: “… what is disturbing is Mr Edwards comment that in the face of a “fait accompli” we should “look on the bright side”. There is no “bright side” when non-GM sources of soya are being squeezed out of the supply chain by corporate control of storage and shipping in South America and the actions of pro-GM feed manufactures; there is no “bright side” when GM labelling is not allowed on livestock products; there is no “bright side” to the increasing control of seed by a handful of corporations all of whom have a pro-GM agenda; and there is “bright side” to the risks of contamination of organic crops unless adequate protection measures are put in place. The OMSCo I helped to found would now be gearing up to fight for the most rigorous co-existence and liability measures possible so that organic farmers can be protected from GM contamination. Mr Edward’s comments do not inspire confidence that OMSCo is doing this.”

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