Flavanol Rich 3 a Day An Assortment of Gogi Berry, Stem Ginger and Toasted Linseed Chocolate Disks

Diabetic-friendly chocolate is Wickedly Welsh

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Wickedly Welsh Chocolate Factory has launched a range of diabetic-friendly chocolate aiming to offer a tastier and healthier alternative to the market’s current offer.

The initial range consists of three products: Flavanol Rich “1 A Day” Chocolate and Stem Ginger Handmade Truffles; Flavanol Rich “1 A Day” Dark Chocolate Orange and Toasted Linseed Truffles; and Flavanol Rich “3 A Day” ­ – an assortment of Goji Berry, Stem Ginger and Toasted Linseed Chocolate Disks.

The idea came about when company co-founder and chocolatier Mark Owen, who has Type 1 diabetes himself, decided to address the plight of diabetic chocoholics. The chocolate includes 80% of the cacao’s natural flavanols compared to just 8% typically found in other chocolate. Gluten-free, dairy-free and low in sugar, it contains 63.5% cocoa.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for me to share what I believe to be a truly amazing product and make a difference to my fellow diabetics,” comments Owen. “I’ve tried quite a few “diabetic-friendly” chocolates, but they taste rubbish and contain artificial sweeteners (laxatives) which can effect diabetics’ stomachs! I’m genuinely passionate and in a truly unique position as a chocolate factory owner to do something very different which will solve the dilemma for all the diabetic chocoholics out there.

“I’m really proud that as a diabetic and co-founder of a British chocolate factory, we are paving the way for new types of chocolate; ones that are significantly better for your health and taste delicious – even if I do say so myself!”


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