Great Social Media Myths

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My discussions with lots of business owners about social media mainly fall into two groups.

The first group say they don’t use social media in their marketing as they’re not “internet savvy”.  Well here’s some good news, you don’t need to know anything about the internet to exploit the power of social media – I’ll prove it with an example in this article.

The second group have been programmed to believe that collecting “likes” wins lots of new customers.  I’m sorry to be a killjoy, but it just doesn’t work like that.

Of course “likes” contribute to a positive viral spread, but the real power lies in the strength of your social media strategy and campaigns, not simply how many “likes” you collect.

In over 30 successful years in business development, I am known to have a proven philosophy of “focussed simplicity”.

Here’s one simple, quick example action every retailer can take to exploit the power of social media.

Over 70% of people in the UK now own a smart phone (that includes over 50% of the 54 to 65 years age demographic) and the 21st century consumer loves to photograph and post (P&P) on their social media pages.

You’ve seen them P&P their meals in restaurants, clothes they try on, humorous sites etc etc.

P&P is one of the biggest uses of smart phones and social media – and, deployed well, can be a powerful viral marketing activity for you.

Put it another way, the 21st century consumer loves to show off!  Well let’s put this to work for us.  Create shocking, striking, surprising or humorous displays and activities.  Then ask, motivate, and even incentivise your customers to Photo and Post your displays and activities on their social media pages

Getting lots of your customers to do this, you can create interest, interaction and a positive viral spread by using your customers’ social media pages to promote your business.

Send me photos of your “P&P” displays and activities.  I want to hear from you email me at [email protected]

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