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‘Label-aware’ consumers are looking for compelling health and environment credentials from trusted natural and organic breakfast brands, writes Jim Manson

The breakfast products market is changing fast, driven by a combination of changing eating habits, increasing demand for convenience and the search for healthier options. One of the most striking trends taking place is the rise of ‘breakfast on-the-go’. Some of this is reflected in rising sales of breakfast bars, ‘heatable’ pots and shakes. But there is also a surge in ‘out of home breakfast occasions’ – up nearly 9% in 2012, according to NPD Crest. A lot of that growth is accounted for by more people dropping into a coffee shop or café on the way to work – whether that’s eating in (buying 15 minutes of calm before the working day begins, as well a latte and porridge pot), or hurrying off to the office. Then there is the continuing quest for the healthy breakfast. A moveable feast if ever there was one, the views on what exactly constitutes a healthy breakfast vary considerably. But one thing is certain – the increasing importance attached to eating well at breakfast time means the category is likely to come in for ever closer scrutiny.

Not so sweet
The sugar content of breakfast products has already become a nutritional battleground. With some leading brands almost rivaling confectionary in their sugar levels, this is probably hardly surprising. But some natural and organic brands have also found themselves being named and shamed, and there is no room for complacency on this issue. Camilla Barnard, co-founder of Rude Health, says: “We’re seeing a real movement away from sugar. The natural and organic sector needs to be ahead of the crowd. At Rude Health, our mantra is ‘keep it low, keep it unrefined’. Our new granolas, for example, typically have a sugar content of 12-15%. With sugar, it’s about retuning our taste buds and getting away from the ‘instant fix’ mentality.”

Adding values
Aisha Smith at Alara – owner of Alara, Pertwood Organic Farm and oomf! – believes more consumers are becoming label-aware and are motivated to purchase by ‘added values’. “The biggest drivers at the moment are organic, which is seeing a return to growth, and gluten-free. Because of our organic heritage and the NPD we’ve done over recent years, we’re able to satisfy those two key drivers.” Smith says that customers are educating themselves on the issues, and are looking beyond the simplistic messages they often hear in the media. “People want to know the facts. But different people identify with different values. Some are looking for traceability that organic provides such a good assurance of. For them it’s a case of why wouldn’t you buy organic? They really care about the environment – especially younger people.”

Taste test
But while the bigger messages are important, successful products must also meet the bottom line taste test. “We’ve spent a lot of time working on recipes to make sure that all the ranges – whether it’s the Superfoods, Dreamy Oats or Into The Garden – taste delicious. And with Raymond Blanc creating the recipes for the Pertwood range, we had a bit of a head start,” adds Smith. •


Here’s the skinny
Pumped up porridge brand oomf! has created a real winner with its Skinny Oats instant diet porridge. Comments Aisha Smith of brand owner Alara: “Lots of weight loss products involve so many nutritional comprises. Skinny Oats delivers high quality carbs and protein and is sweetened with Xylitol. It’s a product with real backbone!”

Going Cuckoo
Aiming to offer a “revolutionary take” on traditional Bircher muesli, Cuckoo has landed with five modern recipes – Apple & Cinnamon Spice, Elderflower & Cranberry, Choco Sour Cherry, Mango & Coconut, and Apricot & Madagascan Vanilla. Made in Britain with home-grown jumbo oats and West Country yoghurt, Cuckoo Bircher Muesli offers “the perfect balance of health and satisfying deliciousness”.

Shaking it up
Just launched into Whole Foods Market and Planet Organic, Purition specializes in “100% natural and clean shakes”. Its Breakfast Smoothie Blend is high in protein, fibre and healthy fats – made from seven wholefood seeds, nuts and whey protein – and formulated to taste great, while keeping you feeling full until lunch.

Taste of honey
Ogilvy’s produces a range of distinctively packaged artisan honeys, sourced from around the world. All unblended, Ogilvy’s seven premium honeys each offer their own subtly different taste profiles. They come with full traceability – with two from New Zealand, two from the Balkans and one each from India, Africa and South America.

Drink in the goodness
Rude Health’s dairy-free drinks are unsweetened, organic and made from no more than five nourishing and refreshing ingredients. The Brown Rice drink is the only dairy alternative to use wholegrain brown rather than white rice. For oaty goodness try Rude Health’s Oat Drink on muesli or porridge (a bit like double denim, I know) or Almond Drink for a nutty taste.

Crunch time
New from award-winning gourmet organic food brand What On Earth comes a range of luxurious granolas. The three-product strong range comprises Organic Fruit & Granola, Organic Hazelnut & Madagascan Vanilla Granola and Organic Chocolate & Coconut Granola. Sweetened with agave syrup, the recipes were created by What On Earth’s head chef, Sergei Strelets.


Food Focus Listings

Essence-Of-Eden-(1)Organic Centrifuged Premium Raw Coconut Oil

Essence of Eden Ltd
Tel: 01491 614444
E-mail: [email protected]

Essence of Eden 100% Organic Top Grade Centrifuged Coconut Oil, is a truly delicious oil, producing the very finest in flavour, texture and quality. A pure dream to the palate and a sumptuous enhancement to any recipe. Five Awards to date in blind tasting sessions! Start your day with a delicious spinach omelette cooked with coconut oil.


lucy-beeLucy Bee’s Extra Virgin Fair Trade Raw Organic Coconut Oil

Lucy Bee Ltd  
Tel: 01992 537 874
E-mail: [email protected]

Lucy Bee Extra Virgin Organic Fair Trade Raw Coconut Oil is a nutritious dietary oil from organically grown coconuts from the Philippines. Cold pressed Raw and Extra Virgin. Fair Trade aims to improve the life of workers, farmers and producers through premium payments and sustainable community projects. In glass jars with easy peel label and recycled packaging. Great for all cooking – baking, roasting, frying and spreading. Can also be applied to skin and hair as a natural beauty product. Lucy Bee – Nature’s perfect ingredient Available from TOL, Suma, CLF, Infinity, Goodness Foods & Queenswood. SRP £9.95 for 500ml / 457g


kineticAmazing Grass Amazing Meal

Kinetic Natural Products
Tel: 08450 725 825 Fax: 08450 725 826
E-mail: [email protected]

Amazing Grass Amazing Meal is a combination of organic green superfoods, plant based protein, fruits and vegetables This is 100% whole food nutrition, a confluence of functional foods. Each serving has 10 grammes of complete protein and 6 grammes of fibre as well as being a great source of Vitamins A, C and K and packed full of antioxidants, EFAs, vitamins and minerals, which makes this a fabulously healthy breakfast choice for those wanting to curb their carbs. Available in three flavours, Original, Pomegranate Mango Infusion, and Chocolate with Raw Cocoa for flavour and its antioxidant benefits.


koko-dairy-free-copyKoko Dairy Free Original + Calcium 1L

Koko Dairy Free,
Tel: 01564731980 Fax: 01527831904
E-mail: [email protected]

Deliciously healthy dairy free milk. No healthy breakfast would be complete without replacing cow’s milk by a dairy free alternative. Enriched with calcium and vitamins D2 and B12, Koko Dairy Free is a unique dairy free alternative to cow’s milk made with freshly pressed coconut milk. Koko Dairy Free is allergen free being 100% dairy, soya and gluten free. With a fresh, light flavour it tastes remarkably like cow’s milk on breakfast cereals and can be added to tea & coffee without curdling. It has the same fat level as semi-skimmed milk, but with just 27 calories per 100ml it’s even lower than skimmed milk.


natures-path-copyHOT & STEAMY

Nature’s Path
Tel: 01635 520555
E-mail: [email protected]

The ‘busy bees’ at Nature’s Path have been working their little organic socks off to come up with two devilishly divine products offerings for Spring 2014: HOT & STEAMY – Quite possibly the most heart-warming offering since the hot water bottle! We live in an age where gluten-free hot oats are all the rage, which is why we decided it was high time we created our own 3-flavour multi-pack (Maple, Spiced Apple & Original). Phrases like ‘slow release energy,’ ‘comfort food’ and ‘super-grain’ are all well and good but for us it’s only ever been about great taste.


ogilvysOgilvy’s Honey

Tel: 01780 450377
E-mail: [email protected]

Ogilvy’s, winners of six great taste awards in two years, have seven 100% pure cold pressed artisan honeys. If you think all honey tastes the same try the exciting variety on offer from Ogilvy’s as each premium honey varies in taste, strength and colour. All unblended, Ogilvy’s honey offers reliable and traceable honey from all over the world and includes two from New Zealand, two from the Balkans and one each from India, Africa and South America. Available from Tree of Life, The Health Store, Essential and CLF.


sunandseed_sprouted_groupOrganic Sprouted & Raw range : Naked Oats, Sunflower Seeds and Buckwheat

Sun & Seed Ltd
Tel: 02072 677799 Fax: 02072 677799
E-mail: [email protected]

Raw organic seeds are activated with pure water and germinated into shoots, than dehydrated bellow 40C to preserve the raw nutritional value. The water removes the enzyme inhibitors and the seed begins to germinate. The plant starts to multiply in its nutrient content, growing into a sprout, getting ready to become a tree or full sized plant. This results in a sprouted food packed with vitamins, minerals and proteins. Use in raw food recipes and breakfast cereals. A healthy way to start your day.


londonlivingRaw Buckwheat Granola

The Living Food Kitchen,
Tel: 020 8453 9466
E-mail: [email protected]

The Living Food Kitchen’s range of raw granola is both nutritious and delicious in equal measure. Made with sprouted buckwheat and packed full of omega rich seeds each batch is then dehydrated at low temperatures to preserve vital enzymes. They come in four yummy flavours – original, apple & cinnamon, cacao & vanilla and blueberry & banana – and are free from refined sugar and gluten free so they’re perfect as a light mid meal snack, with almond milk, or sprinkled on your favourite yoghurt. Available in Planet Organic, Wholefoods, and all good health food stores.


tianaTIANA Fair Trade Organic Superfoods

TIANA Fair Trade Organics
Tel: 0208 427 1695
E-mail: [email protected]

For a delicious breakfast, try New TIANA Organic Exquisite Omega 3 Spreadable on your morning toast. This creamy, dairy-free alternative to butter contains the highest quality organic raw extra virgin coconut oil, organic cold-pressed flaxseed oil and organic olive oil. Highly nutritious due to its dense concentration of omega 3, it is also unsalted and free from cholesterol and trans-fats. For a tasty addition, try adding a small teaspoon of luscious TIANA Organic Wild Flower Raw Active Honey. It’s 100% pure and unpasteurised with a diastatic activity EU10, which has never been heated, given it superb quality and outstanding taste.


wedderspoonHoney on the Go

Wedderspoon Organic UK Ltd
Tel: 01252 549707
E-mail: [email protected]

The first of its kind in the UK, Honey on the Go is a revolutionary new way to enjoy the benefits of genuine RAW Manuka Honey on the move! 24 easy to use individual Snap Packs offering the most convenient and mess-free delivery of Wedderspoon’s best-selling Raw Manuka Active 16+ ….. simply Snap & Squeeze straight into the mouth. Ideal for travel and lightweight for camping, hiking, biking & skiing. Perfect for Kid’s lunch boxes. A versatile alternative for those on the look out for a healthy and natural addition to their diet at work, home or on the go!


what-on-earthWhat on Earth Luxury Organic Granola

What on Earth
Tel: 02077 204410 Fax: 02077 204420
E-mail: [email protected]

Award winning What on Earth, creators of gourmet organic foods, have developed a range of luxurious organic granola. Owner, Jeremy Jaffé, said: “We’re continually developing products, but most are for the foodservice customers. Many are white label products so our brand is hidden. We thought we should raise consumer awareness of our brand.”The granolas, created by Jeremy and head chef Sergei Strelets, are sweetened with organic agave syrup. They are packed with quality ingredients, including Belgian dark chocolate, hazelnuts and coconut. Made in the London kitchen, they are available as 500g retail and 2kg Food Service pack: • Fruit and Nut • Hazelnut and Madagascan Vanilla • Chocolate and Coconut


wholebake9bar Fruity

Wholebake Ltd
Tel: 01490 412 297 Fax: 01490 412 053
E-mail: [email protected]

9bar Fruity the latest addition to the 9bar range is the perfect on the go snack, ideal for breakfast on the run. All 9bars contain a unique mix of seeds including that special little extra, hemp seed but this latest addition adds succulent dried apricots and dates for that extra indulgent appeal. Consumers are increasingly demanding more healthier ingredients from their energy bars and 9bar Fruity contains zero genetically modified ingredients and is packed full of nutritional goodness. The added carob topping makes this the perfect morning time boost and not only is it gluten and wheat free, all natural 9bar Fruity is bursting with flavour too.

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