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Heath & Heather converts entire range to organic, adds new teas

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As part of a recent redesign, Heath & Heather has converted its entire product range to organic and has also launched a functional range of Super Teas and some new green tea variants.

Heath & Heather’s portfolio consists of 45 blends spanning herbal infusions, green teas, white teas, chai and rooibos.

The five-strong offer of Super Teas was developed by the team to offer clear functional benefits for five key consumer reasons for purchasing health products: general health and wellness; weight management; digestion; energy; and sleep.

The range comprises: Energising Morning Time with Guarana & Ginseng; Relaxing Night Time with Valerian Root & Hops; Detoxing Slim Tea with Yerba Mate & Psyllium; Digestive Super Seeds with Fennel & Fenugreek; and Supportive Root Remedy with Turmeric, Ginger & Galangal Roots.

To enhance its green tea offer the brand has also added: Imperial Matcha Super Green Tea & Seaweed; Green Tea & Avocado; and Green Tea & Aloe Vera.heath and heather 1

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