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James White adds a little more zing to its shots

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James White Drinks has introduced three new varieties to its organic Zinger shots, which are designed to offer something distinctly different to the UK drinks market.

The 7cl shot offer, described as providing exciting and lively flavours full of fragrance and fire, now includes Xtra Ginger, Lime Chilli and Turmeric Juice, as well as the original Organic Ginger Zinger which was introduced late last year.

The Xtra Ginger Zinger is said to be not for the faint hearted, and aims to invigorate the senses, being made with 40% crushed ginger juice, blended with pressed apple juice and added chilli.

The Lime Chilli Zinger packs a punch, with an intense combination of the sharpness of lime with the fiercer heat of chilli and apple juice.

Finally, the Turmeric Juice Zinger is what the company calls a novel and surprisingly delicious alternative to the turmeric products currently on offer. The product is a first for the UK, using freshly pressed turmeric juice rather than turmeric powder, blended with pressed apple juice with lemon, pepper and chilli for extra zing.

MD Lawrence Mallinson comments: “Our new Zingers are little drinks with purpose; pocket shots that really hit the spot and more a healthy confectionary than a refreshing drink. Perfect for first thing in the morning to get the day started or any time day or night when the juices are flagging. Fans of fiery spices are in for a real treat with something new and distinctly different to try.”

All the Zingers are Soil Association-certified.

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