MicroMax gains maximum recognition

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MicroMax has won Best New Product at the NHT Summit, beating entries from brands including Lilly’s Eco Clean and The Food Doctor.

MicroMax is a naturally fermented, living gut reconditioning supplement which helps optimize the bacterial profile of the gastrointestinal tract. A biodynamic off-shoot of the work of Professor Teruo Higa in Japan, this product uses over 40 wild, organic Alpine herbs to produce over 80 different types of high quality microorganisms. The fermented liquid, when taken orally, provides an effective means of balancing the body’s gastrointestinal flora and inhibiting gut pathogens.

Free from any artificial ingredients, additives, preservatives or flavourings, the product is also solvent free, dairy-free and vegan, and it retails in a pharmaceutical grade, BPA-free bottle.

Accepting the award on behalf of The Really Healthy Company was director Nancy Silverstein, who told NPN at the event in Manchester that the brand was ‘delighted’ to have been recognized with the accolade. Lowell Riezouw, of the London Energetics Clinic, says: “I heard about MicroMax and it’s incredible properties many years ago and about two years ago decided to find the producer. I presented the product to Nancy at The Really Healthy Company who was very excited by it, saw its tremendous potential and she started importing it. I have built up a deep relationship with the owner and producer of the company. The detail and the depth of his work quite extraordinary. He has a deep connection to nature, something that has been so lost in our modern world, and uses all possibilities to potentize the effects of MM. This includes using the purest spring water which he then charges using the methods of Victor Schauberger.”

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