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New Fairtrade coffee brand launches

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The Real Coffee Bean Co has launched with an initial range of two Fairtrade-certified single-blend coffees and a blend, using beans grown using natural and traditional farming methods.

The Brazilian Coffee is a 100% single origin, medium roast coffee, described as having high notes of peanut and chocolate with a smooth, medium body;

The Colombian Coffee is also a 100% single origin medium roast coffee with a full, nutty flavour; and House Blend is full-bodied with a rich, deep cocoa balanced by some sweet caramel notes and subtle roasted hazelnuts in the background.

The Real Coffee Bean Co works with farmers from small holding farms and cooperatives, all of whom share the same philosophy centered around using less machinery in favour of more manual labour to harvest the coffee beans. By doing this they help create jobs in the local community and are kinder to the environment.

Once harvested, the coffee beans are sun-dried (instead of machine dried which is commonplace) to bring out the natural flavour and individual taste characteristics of the bean.

Co-founder Shahid Mehdi also founded The Real Basmati Rice Co. He comments: “Like with our rice, our new Fairtrade coffee business is centered around sustainability, obsessive care, dedication and passion. We are proud to introduce three flavours of coffee: Brazilian, Colombian and our own House Blend which brings you the best of Brazil, with Central America and Ethiopia (Sidamo) added to the mix.”

The coffees are available in 200g ground bags and 1kg trade-sized bags of whole coffee beans. All packaging is 100% recyclable.

More coffees will be added to the range in the future.


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