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New products from Natures Aid

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Natures Aid has launched two new products to its extensive range of vitamins, minerals and supplements as well as rebranding one of its award-winners.

Natures Aid Organic Mushroom Complex is the newest addition to the brand’s Organic Superfoods range. The complex contains a blend of five of the most potent medicinal mushrooms – shiitake, reishi, maitake, chaga and Cordyceps –for their immune-boosting properties and heart health support.

Active Woman has been specifically formulated to help aid sexual wellness in women, following the success of its Active Man product. Active Woman contains a combination of arginine, Siberian ginseng, damiana, maca, horny goat weed and vitamin B6 to enhance sexual function.

In addition to the new launches, Natures Aid’s award-winning Immune Support+ has now been rebranded as Beta-Glucans Immune Support+. Containing a blend of key nutrients for immune health, the product has also been reformulated to include odour-controlled garlic and vegan vitamin D3 as well as 150mg of beta glucans. The formula also includes elderberry, vitamin A, Ester-C and selenium.


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