Odysea introduces Greek Manouri cheese to UK

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Artisan Greek brand Odysea has extended its speciality cheese range with the first UK line of Manouri cheese, along with two new feta products.

Manouri is a semi-soft whey cheese produced using a mixture of sheep and goat milk with cream. The addition of whey – a by-product of feta making – creates a creamy texture. Manouri has a firm texture with a rich, buttery taste that works well with sweet and savoury dishes. In Greece, the cheese is often grilled and can be added to salads or served with fruit with a drizzle of honey. It can also be used as a replacement for cream cheese.

The new feta products – Odysea Baking Feta with Roasted Red Pepper and Odysea Feta Crumbs – are produced with pasteurized sheep and goat milk for an authentic depth of taste. The brand says that the baking feta is unique to the market and comes in an oven-proof tray alongside a small tube of sweet red pepper dressing. The dressing is poured over the feta and then baked until golden. The Feta Crumbs are designed to be sprinkled over salads and other dishes.

“We are passionate about sharing traditionally Greek ingredients and flavours with UK consumers,” says Panos Manuelides, founder of Odysea. “Our long-standing relationships with some of the country’s finest producers sets us apart from competitors and allows us to source truly unique cheeses that offer home cooks not just optimal flavour and quality but also the reassurance of a stringently overseen line of sourcing. These three cheeses deliver stunning taste profiles while being true to their heritage and showcasing strong provenance.”

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