Organic sales in Sweden soar to new high in 2015

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Sales of organic food and drink in Sweden soared again in 2015, says organic market specialist Ekoweb.

Ekoweb reports that organic food sales grew by €645 million (up 39%) in 2015 to a total of €2.2 billion. The growth achieved is almost double that forecast by both Ekoweb and KRAV.

Organic penetration of the total food market increased 2.1% percentage points in 2015, meaning that organic’s share of the Swedish food market is now 7.7% – just short of Denmark’s 8.3% share (the highest per capita share in Europe).

Retail sales were particularly strong at the leading supermarkets, which account for the bulk of organic sales in Sweden – ICA (+50%), Axfood (+43%) and Coop (+19%).  In the public sector sales rose by 20%, while the restaurant and hotel trade saw a 10% increase.

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One Response to Organic sales in Sweden soar to new high in 2015

  1. Andrew February 6, 2016 at 1:05 pm #

    Excellent news, let us all contribute to the downfall of toxic food suppliers by voting with our pockets.

    Meanwhile as sales increase and more money is to be made from organic foods, let us be vigilant with those who certify what is truly organic. Big companies influence UK certifiers to allow the use of pesticides, and DEFRA, who approve toxic sprays on foods and support neonicotinoids to poison our bees, are the body approving and regulating the private certification bodies! You couldn’t make it up!!

    There is a mass of documentation showing fraudulently approved, so called organic status, from various countries, notably China, now producing masses of foodstuffs, certified by the USDA.

    Fraudulent detection of so called organic extra virgin olive oil is lagging behind the times as Europe’s
    biggest agricultural fraudulent item.

    Importation of so called organic goods should be avoided, but grown by the home nation who is looking after its citizens, because corporate food cartels are not, and will be jumping on the gravy train of “organic” the more profitable it becomes. These cartels are not producing for your health, but for profit.

    Scandinavia is much more concerned about its citizens than its counterparts, so buy home grown.

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