Soupologie ventures into the raw

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New from Soupologie comes what the company is calling the UK’s first raw superfood soups which aim to revolutionize the way people view soup, positioning it as a refreshing, nourishing meal or snack all year round.

The Soupologie Raw range of ‘soup with benefits’ is produced with 100% plant-based ingredients and comes in five flavour combinations: Beetroot & Mint; Watermelon & Chilli; Strawberry, Tarragon & Lucuma; Cucumber, Kale & Avocado; and Spinach, Mango, Lime & Baobab.

Asked about the difference between raw soups and raw smoothies, Soupologie founder Stephen Argent, explains: “Soupologie soups are carefully designed with flavour and nutrition in mind.  They are savoury with a full-bodied, rounded depth of flavour that comes from the seasoning and herbs, in exactly the same way is if they were creating a soup that’s meant to be eaten warm – the only difference being that these raw soups are meant to be eaten chilled and we’ve put them into a bottle for on-the-go ease.

“Apart from this full depth of flavour, the main difference between the soups and a smoothie is that smoothies are made with a liquid base, be it fruit juice, coconut or almond water or milk, etc.  Soupologie soups are not made with a liquid base – they just contain the vegetables and fruits, with all their pulp, rind and fibre and are not diluted or sweetened.

“Finally, these soups are food, not drink or a beverage.  They’re not about quenching a thirst, they’re about replacing a meal – where you might have a salad or a sandwich, you can have the chilled soup instead and feel full yet refreshed and revitalized!”

The range has a 21-day shelf life and will be available to the independents from the end of September.

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