Biodegradable microbeads

Biodegradable microbeads developed at University of Bath

Scientists from the University of Bath have announced the development of biodegradable microbeads made using cellulose. A research team from the University’s Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies (CSCT) have produced an alternative to the plastic microbeads by dissolving cellulose, reforming it into beads and then setting them. The microbeads are stable enough to use in […]

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1% for the Planet comes to the UK

Yesterday saw the UK launch of 1% for the Planet, a not-for-profit organization that aims to recruit businesses to donate 1% of their turnover to environmental causes. The launch event, held at Chelsea Physic Garden in London, was hosted by Pukka Herbs, 1% for the Planet’s biggest UK company recruit to date. At the event, […]

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US study shows ‘healthy food’ is sometimes worse for the environment

A study by US researchers shows that ‘healthy foods’ – including certain fruit and vegetables – may sometimes be more damaging to the environment than meat. The research team, from Carnegie Mellon University set out to study the food supply chain to determine how the obesity epidemic in the US was affecting the environment. The […]

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Barbara Lewis with EatBy App 269kb

EatBy App launches to reduce food waste

With a staggering £154 billion being wasted on uneaten food each year in Europe and the US and about a third of all food produced being discarded, the problem of food waste is massive – both financially and environmentally. Enter the EatBy App. Developed by husband and wife Steffan and Barbara Lewis, the EatBy App […]

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