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Brexit negotiations could leave poor farmers vulnerable, Fairtade Foundation warns

The chief executive of the Fairtrade Foundation has warned that the prospects for farmers in developing countries could suffer if post-EU Referendum negotiations result in trade deals that favour the powerful. Commenting, Michael Gidney, said: “The result of the European Union referendum won’t just affect the UK. It will have a huge impact on the lives […]

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UK “likely” to be bound by EU organic regulations despite Brexit vote

The Soil Association says it is “very disappointed” that the UK is to leave the European Union. But despite the Brexit vote the organic charity says the UK is “likely” to continue to be bound by the EU Organic Regulation. In a statement, the Soil Association says: “UK wildlife, the environment and the organic farming sector […]

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MPLs to remain key focus in EU Referendum year, says CHC

Maximum Permitted Levels for vitamins and the UK’s ability to “retain sovereignty over key policy areas like health” will be major areas of focus for Consumers for Health Choice in 2016. CHC’s latest quarterly newsletter sets out the activity taken by CHC so far this year and outlines the future activity it will take to […]

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Brexit – a case of be careful what you wish for?

If you think that a British exit from the European Union would result in an instantly more favourable regulatory climate for the natural products industry – well, you might want to think again. The question of how a Brexit would impact our industry was raised during a post-lecture Q&A session at last week’s Health Food […]

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Germany begins move to ban GM crops

Germany has initiated a move to ban the cultivation of GM crops using an opt-out contained in a new EU Directive. Under new rules on GM, individual states can unilaterally ban GM crops even in the case of those officially approved by the EU. In a statement, the German agriculture minister, Christian Schmidt, stressed that Germany […]

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