US study offers “clearest cut example yet” of organic’s benefits

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A new study by US scientists provides one of the clearest cut examples yet of the nutritional benefits of organic food over conventional, reports the New York Times.

Researchers from Washington State University’s Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources recently analysed organic whole milk, comparing it with conventional. They found that the organic milk contained far more of the fatty acids that contribute to a healthy heart than the conventional product.

The Washington researchers reviewed 384 samples of organic and conventional whole milk taken over 18 months around the country. While total fat content was almost the same, the organic milk contained 62 percent more protective omega-3 fatty acids and 25 percent fewer omega-6s.

Lead researcher Charles M. Benbrook told the NYT: “Drinking whole organic milk will certainly lessen the risk factor for cardiovascular disease. All milk is healthy and good for peoplebut organic milk is better, because it has a more favorable balance of these fatty acids— omega-3, typically found in fish and flaxseed, versus omega-6, which is abundant in many fried foods like potato chips

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