VBites unveils new vegan eats

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Vegan food brand VBites has added four new additions to its range of 100% natural plant-based products.

New BBQ Pulled Pork is designed to have the authentic taste and texture of the American BBQ classic while Piri Piri Burgers are seasoned with herbs and spices for a spicy, smoky and slightly sweet flavour.

VBites’ Lemon & Black Pepper Scampi Style Bites comes in a crispy breadcrumb coating, and Vegetable Baked Fingers are made from vegetables including carrots, green beans, onions and sweetcorn in a crunchy breadcrumb coating.

“Piri piri burgers and pulled pork have grown rapidly in popularity in recent years and there was a gap in the market for good quality vegan alternatives that have all the taste and texture of the ‘real thing’ yet are meat free,” says Sonia Marshall, business development manager at VBites. “There are also very few scampi style products on the market. The vegetable fingers are a new departure for us – we decided to launch them in retail packs after they proved particularly popular when we introduced them onto school lunch menus back in September.”

The new lines are free from meat, egg, dairy and lactose. They contain no hydrogenated fats, artificial colours or GMOs. They have a shelf life of 50 days from date of manufacture (chilled) or 12 months (frozen).

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