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Viva! launches dairy-free guides

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Animal charity Viva! has published two new guides about dairy-free living.

Why You Don’t Need Dairy, by Viva! founder and director Juliet Gellatley, provides readers with the low-down on milk and health as well as animal welfare and explains why Viva! believes ‘dairy-free is the way to be’.

After reading about the reasons for going dairy-free, Viva!’s second guide, Everyone’s Going Dairy-Free, is a companion guide to show people how to go about it. Written by Viva!’s expert food and cookery coordinator, Jane Easton, it is packed with recipes, shopping tips and dairy-free secrets.

Commenting on the new guides, Gellatley said: “We are very excited about the launch which is very timely given the huge rise in the numbers of people going dairy-free. It’s a great way to celebrate Viva!’s 20th anniversary year by launching these two new guides that will help people improve their health, help protect the planet and of course save animals. Dairy cows suffer intense physical and emotional hardship, and there are so many delicious alternatives to unhealthy cow’s milk products – there really isn’t any excuse to not go dairy-free and Viva! can help!”

The two guides come at the same time as a scientific report by the charity has been released. White Lies, by Dr Justine Butler, challenges the widely held belief that cow’s milk and dairy products are natural, wholesome and healthy, and provides a comprehensive review of the available science linking milk consumption and human health.

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