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Taking function further

Tough trading conditions may risk stifling functional drinks NPD, but where there’s passion and ambition, growth is still possible.

The free-from phenomenon

This year’s NOPEX was the perfect lens through which to discover trailblazing new free-from market trends, Denise Barrett discovered.

Wellbeing meets wanderlust

Rosie Greenaway packs her bags and heads off in search of new scenery with natural products in tow to maintain wellbeing on the road.

The spark of life

Magnesium playing a vital role in cellular function, and a deficiency of this micronutrient can cause a multitude of problems.

The big freeze

In the absence of a freeze on food prices, the freezer aisle itself is attracting new customers, Rosie Greenaway reports.

CBD: looking for approval

Maté Jarai rounds up some of the latest CBD products to hit the market and assesses the impact of changing FSA regulations

A quest for equity

Women have suffered years of neglect by the healthcare system with symptoms dismissed, inconsistent treatment and a lack of research.

Sweet dreams are made of these

Hit your retail sweet spot with the next generation of better-for-you confectionery, suggests Matt Chittock.

A clean canvas

Bars, balms, melts, gels: Jane Wolfe speaks with brands and retailers about the value of choosing the right cleanser and what’s trending

Sleepwalking into a crisis

It’s not rocket science that lying at the root of tiredness and fatigue is often consistent, poor quality sleep, reports Denise Barrett.

Eco evolving

The eco living category has evolved into one of the most innovative – and valuable – areas of natural products retailing, writes Jim Manson 

The functional foods boom

There’s no doubt COVID heightened consumer awareness around health and wellness, with one result being increased interest in functional foods.

Joint effort

Jim Manson discovers that maintaining strong bones and supple joints – thus avoiding becoming an NHS statistic – means supplementing early.

One step closer

It's difficult to find the motivation to move in winter but donning activewear and lining up the sports supplements gets you halfway there. 

Pollinators versus Parliament

Where would we be without bees? Maté Jarai weighs up the cost of losing these key pollinators and hears why it’s important to #StandByBees.

Start the day sustainably

As the milk float makes its return to the nation’s streets at dawn, Rosie Greenaway looks at what else is new on Britain’s breakfast menu

From distress to de-stress

Whether it’s with shamanic healing, ear seeds or adaptogens, the world of natural de-stressing often draws on traditional wisdom.

Milestone moments

As Veganuary hits a major milestone, Rosie Greenaway interviews one brand which has been driving meat-free innovation for 30 years.

Reader’s digest

The significance of the gut on overall health is seeping through to mainstream consciousness, but digestive problems are still widespread, says Jane Wolfe. The...

Fur, feathers and fangs

Man’s best friend? Part of the family? Emily McCoy showcases a raft of NPD for pet lovers who wants the best for their animal companions.