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The heart of the matter

Dr Decker Weiss is a naturopathic cardiologist with an important message about inflammation. Here, Rosie Greenaway relays some of the key messages conveyed during his 2018 retailer roadshow, and discovers why ignoring the red flags could be catastrophic for cardiovascular health

Free for all

As the free-from sector continues to thrive and innovate, Jane Wolfe discovers how consumers of this ever expanding category have differing but specific wants...

The (not so) big sleep

It’s essential for our physical and psychological wellbeing, yet increasing numbers of us fail to get the rest we need. Tiredness and fatigue is the scourge of an exhausted nation rushed off its feet – so why can’t we sleep? Claire Lavelle investigates

Nurture through nature

From pregnancy massage oils to baby toys made from sustainable materials, today’s parents are turning their backs on synthetics in favour of a more natural approach, reports Claire Lavelle 

A sting in the tail?

Bee products are still flying off the shelves – but, asks Matt Chittock, will the vegan revolution prove a sting in the tail?  Bee products...

Protein goes green

From the humble pea to the mighty sunflower, plant-based sources of protein are gaining ground. Jo Caird examines the market and reports on a...

Travelling light

With growing emphasis being placed on reducing our use of the dreaded ‘p’ word (you know the one), Jane Wolfe discovers how natural health...

A spot of bother

With conventional ‘solutions’ often exacerbating teenage skin conditions, Jane Wolfe finds out how young people can benefit from embarking on a natural journey Adolescents have...

Sparking the passion, naturally

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, it’s a momentous time of love and lust. With a broadening range of sexual wellbeing products on the market, Sharna Waid looks into which natural remedies retailers should be exploring to support and empower their female customers’ confidence in the bedroom  

A nation on the move

Kate Miller looks at aggravators of joint pain and uncovers how well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions can lead to injuries for a nation on the move

The power of sour

While not yet mainstream, and certainly not new, fermented foods were heralded as one of the big trends of 2018 and continue to work...

Best bar none

With small chocolate producers choosing to trade directly, Jane Wolfe takes a look at the rise in artisan bean to bar chocolatiers who are putting cocoa farmers’ welfare before profit 

Land of confusion

Allergy season may be approaching but, as Kate Miller discovers, following a number of recent high-profile cases of anaphylaxis there’s an altogether more serious...

Pick of the products 2018

One of the most fascinating things about our industry – apart from the continual development and discovery (or rediscovery) of health-giving ingredients and their...

Mind full less

Rather than making life easier, our increasing connectivity is raising the nation’s stress levels as we strive to remain available at all times for...

Turning over a new leaf

As the smoke clears around a fresh wave of legislation, Matt Chittock explores how next-generation healthy cannabis products are setting new highs for health...

Nuts about healthy breakfasts

It started with the avocado, then came the kale smoothie. Now, nut butters and nut milks are at the heart of healthy breakfasts across...

Sustainable superfoods: from sea to tree

Whether you believe the term ‘superfood’ should exist or not, divided opinion hasn’t stopped natural product brands from marketing a raft of products aimed...

A burning issue

Often overshadowed by more ‘serious’ digestive conditions, GERD is no less debilitating. Claire Lavelle investigates treatments for this burning issue

Running to the beet

The supplements fuelling the UK’s fastest runners are changing. Paul Halford jumps into the sports nutrition scene to see how natural products are helping to shave seconds off marathon times, and how the retail landscape is shifting