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Cold comfort

Come in from the cold and heat up in-store for a homely selection of winter treats to warm your customers’ cockles. As the temperature goes down and the thermostat goes up, it’s time to push aside the salads of our (short-lived) summer and stock something a little more warming in-store. After all – health-conscious shoppers […]

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Readers’ digest

Consumers that trust their guts are flocking to find out more about natural approaches to digestive health, says Matt Chittock. Are you sitting uncomfortably? For a growing number of people in the UK, digestive health issues like indigestion, constipation, heartburn and bloating mean they’re most certainly not. Recent research reveals that around 40 per cent […]

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Chewing the fat

There’s a wealth of healthy and natural products available for shoppers that want to fight the flab and detox safely The UK is going through a fat phase. According to Government figures an estimated 60.8 per cent of adults and 31.1 per cent of children are overweight and 38 per cent of adults have experienced […]

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Cupboard love

A well-selected range of store cupboard ingredients will send all the right signals to your foodie customers, says Jim Manson. Take a pinch of TV chef endorsements, mix in an enthusiasm for all things baking and finally sprinkle with post-recession thriftiness. And there you have it – the perfect recipe for a thriving natural store […]

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Chocs away

Jim Manson identifies latest trends in the competitive natural and organic chocolate sector. Enter the words ‘chocolate’ and ‘health’ into the search field of any major newspaper website and you can practically take your pick of the health benefit that appeals to you most. Take the Daily Mail. Among hundreds of chocolate-related headlines it offers: […]

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Cold Comfort

Customers coming in with sniffles and shivers? Luckily there’s plenty of relief on offer from the world of natural remedies, writes Matt Chittock. Where should health store shoppers start if they want to beat cold and flu this season? According to leading naturopath Jan De Vries, it’s important to assess lifestyle factors before reaching straight […]

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Joint therapy

Matt Chittock investigates the best natural approaches to bone and joint health. According to leading charity Arthritis Care, some 10 million people currently live with arthritis in the UK. In part, this figure is simply a result of people now living longer – but it’s also proof of the way that our joints can simply […]

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Healthy Heart

The pulse of the heart health category is proving strong for retailers. First the good news: according to the British Heart Foundation, the total number of deaths from heart and circulatory disease is actually falling in the UK. The charity puts this down to a better public understanding of risk factors for coronary heart disease, […]

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Allergy in the UK

‘New to nature’ chemicals, industrial farming, over-processed food and excessive hygiene have all have been linked with the epidemic of allergy we’re seeing in the UK today. Luckily, the natural products sector has lots to offer – as Jane Wolfe has been finding out (more…)

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A good catch

Charles Redfern, founder of pioneering sustainable fish brand Fish4Ever, tells Elisabeth Winkler about his passion for artisan fishing communities (more…)

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