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2020: a breakthrough year for ‘veganic’ agriculture?

Few vegans have given serious thought to the suggestion that fruit and veg might technically be 'un-vegan', but ‘veganic’ agriculture could change this. 

New Veggie Cakes from Kallø

Kallø has ‘taken the rice out of the rice cake’ for its latest plant-based creation, protein-packed Veggie Cakes made from peas and lentils.

Passage Foods brings award-winning vegan bowls to UK market

Australian brand Passage Foods’ latest UK launch is Passage to India 90 Second Veg Curry Bowls for a quick and easy vegan meal.

The Oxford Real Farming Conference goes global

The Oxford Real Farming Conference says taking the event online provided 'a platform for marginalized and under-represented voices’.

Holdstock celebrates 20 years at Soil Association

Lee Holdstock, business development manager at the Soil Association, has celebrated 20 years of working with the organic certifier – a milestone which has been marked with his inclusion in Yeo Valley’s ‘Reasons to be cheerful’ corridor.

Natur Boutique brews up new tea trio

Three single-ingredient teas have been launched by Natur Boutique in a bid to introduce new flavours from across Asia.

Juiceburst rebrands, reformulates, extends range

Soft drinks brand Juiceburst has reformulated and rebranded across its entire portfolio, as well as creating two new additions to its core range.

Tree of Life sweetens its offer

To meet the growing demand for naturally sourced sweeteners, Tree of Life has launched a line of Organic Agave and Coconut Syrups.

Organic foods get ‘coronavirus boost’

The coronavirus pandemic is leading to a boost in demand for organic and sustainable foods, reports London-based analyst Ecovia Intelligence.

MPs reject bid to protect post-Brexit food standards

Last night saw MPs reject an amendment to the Agriculture Bill designed to ensure post-Brexit food imports meet domestic legal standards.

Why the plant-based sector is pandemic-proof

As the year draws to an end, ProVeg International has published its meat-free moments of 2020, calling the plant-based sector pandemic-proof.

British hemp start-up unveils product line and future plans

The British Hemp Company, founded by Steve Glover, has launched what it says are the first UK-grown hemp seed products available at scale.

SFT challenges BBC documentary

A documentary exposing the ‘devastating effect on eco systems’ of meat has been countered by farmers who challenge its position about meat reduction.

Meridian mixes it up with new cocoa nut butters

Meridian Foods has expanded its nut butter offer with two new cocoa variants: Cocoa & Peanut and Cocoa & Hazelnut.

Skinny Caffe serves up natural blends

The Skinny Caffe has introduced a line of natural, vegan and gluten-free blends incorporating superfood ingredients.

Remedy Kombucha launches in UK

Australia brand Remedy Kombucha has brought its organic fizzy live-cultured drink to the UK.

How the market turned us into ‘passive consumers of crap’

Pointless choice: Riverford Organic founder Guy Singh-Watson on 'how brilliantly the market excels at turning us all into passive consumers'. 

Moving Mountains ‘bleeding’ burger makes retail debut

Moving Mountains has announced the retail debut of its ‘bleeding’ Burger this month through a partnership with online supermarket Ocado.

BOL powers up meal replacement sector with plant-based whole food shakes

BOL Foods is aiming to shake up the growing meal replacement category with a line of Power Shakes made exclusively from real whole foods.

International definition of fermented foods declared by scientists

In a world first, a team of scientists organized by ISAPP has declared a consensus definition for fermented foods.