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Growth for gummies

A new paper by Future Market Insights reports that the vitamin gummies market value is projected to grow at a ‘healthy’ CAGR of 5.1% between 2019-2029.

BetterYou solves CBD ‘issues’ in new oral spray

BetterYou has harnessed the power of cannabidiol in a first-of-its-kind CBD Oral Spray that offers better bioavailability with none of the CBD taste. 

Salus introduces new Floradix Vitamin-B-complex

Salus UK has announced the latest addition to its range of liquid supplements: Floradix Vitamin-B-complex.

PROCEIVE fertility formulas see UK launch

PROCEIVE, a new advanced range of fertility supplements, is now available in the UK.

BetterYou adds two new at-home nutrient test kits

Responding to growing demand for personalized products, BetterYou has added two new products to its offer: a Vitamin B12 Test Kit and an Iron Test Kit.

Mix-up boosts incognito ad campaign

When anti-mosquito brand incognito started to run a series of adverts for its Insect Repellent Spray to run on London buses this summer, it...

Living Nutrition comes Alive

Living Nutrition has introduced three new kefir-kombucha fermentation activated products to its Alive Collection of supplements.

Stay calm and rested with Unbeelievable Health

Unbeelievable Health has introduced two new supplements to its range -- Bee Calm & Bee Rested -- using plant and botanical-sourced ingredients.

Viridian sponsors organic garden classroom

Viridian Nutrition has partnered with national charity Garden Organic to help raise awareness of the benefits to human health of organic growing. As part of...

Link Nutrition comes to the UK

Supplements brand Link Nutrition has launched onto the UK market with a variety of targeted complexes designed for specific areas, as well as single...

FSE report stresses role of supplements in healthcare

A report published by Food Supplements Europe (FSE) has identified supplementation as a cost-effective policy to bridge gaps in nutrition and potentially delivery valuable health cost savings.

EFSA health warning to frequent consumers of herbal teas and supplements

Exposure to pyrrolizidine alkaloids in food, in particular for frequent and high consumers of tea and herbal infusions, is a possible long-term concern for human health due to their potential carcinogenicity, say scientists at the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Supplementation “virtually eliminated” nutritional shortfalls in US study

A study published last week in open access journal Nutrients provide further evidence that frequent use of multivitamins and mineral supplements decreases nutritional deficiencies.

Welcome to the Garden of Life

Launching with a series of events at Whole Foods, Kinetic has introduced US brand Garden of Life to the UK with a range of organic supplements.

UK Government offers free vitamin D supplements to 2.7MN vulnerable people...

The Department of Health and Social Care has announced that 2.7 million at-risk individuals across England are to be offered free vitamin D.

Vivo Life strives to Thrive

The latest product from Vivo Life is the 100% natural wholefood multinutrient Thrive, which utilizes tree lichen to provide a vegan form of vitamin D3.

BetterYou, better bones

BetterYou has developed a magnesium chloride and calcium supplement in a convenient format designed to effectively maximize bone health. The new Magnesium Bone Lotion supports...

And breathe: Pep-Thyme helps with air pollution effects 

Pep-Thyme, from Bio-Health, is a new product made from the aromatic herbs peppermint and thyme, both of which contain volatile oils known to aid easy breathing and to help mitigate the negative effects that air pollution

Tiana introduces 100% MCT line

Tiana Fairtrade Organics has entered the supplements market with the launch of two new products: High Strength 100% MCT Energy and High Strength MCT Energy with Omega-3.

HTC Health adds wealth of new lines

UK health supplements wholesaler HTC Health has boosted its portfolio with the inclusion of 30 new lines.