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Honey New Zealand Manuka honey has long been available in the UK through trusted independent health food stores.

As Europe braces itself for a winter flu outbreak, protect yourself...

Experts across Europe have warned the EU to brace itself for a bad flu season this winter. A new vaccine has been produced which...

Setting Industry standards for Golden quality CBD Products

Over the past few years Hemp and its CBD-rich extracts have made a stunning entrance to the nutraceutical business. More and more people are now commenting on the wonderful health benefits of supplementing their diet with natural phytocannabinoids and new CBD oil brands pop-up regularly as a result.

AQUA Carpatica, the only naturally nitrate-free & lowest sodium water

AQUA Carpatica, a premium quality natural mineral water, dedicated to the most demanding health conscious people, babies and expectant mothers, organic food lovers and...

Mineral-rich New Zealand volcanic mud delivers instant illumination for your skin

It may seem counter-intuitive to apply mud to your skin in order to cleanse it, but the skin-enhancing benefits of mineral-rich mud have been...

Garden of Life®

Your body was created to eat, process, and derive its nutrition from food—real, healthy food. Garden of life® are fanatical about food. The core ethos...