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CoQ10 reduces risk of death from heart failure

Patients with chronic heart failure who take coenzyme Q10 are 43% less likely to die of their disease, according to a new Q-Symbio study. 30-40%...

High sugar intake during pregnancy may increase risk of allergy in...

A study published in the European Respiratory Journal has found a correlation between high sugar intake in pregnant women and asthma risk in children.

Danish team find “no evidence” that probiotics benefit healthy adults

  A team of Danish researchers who reviewed several trials on probiotic supplements say they found “no convincing evidence” that the products changed the composition...

Turmeric benefits more pronounced when eaten in food, researchers say

A study commissioned by the BBC programme Trust Me I’m A Doctor has shown that the health benefits of turmeric may be more pronounced when it is cooked.

The Great British Bloat Off – nationwide seminar tour

Two thirds of women experience bloating. “It’s not normal.” Says Patrick Holford, who has launching a campaign in March to beat the bloat.

Better off without?

Critics of strict food avoidance regimes warn they are leading us down the road to nutritional reductionism. Jim Manson asks if they are right.

Are you well connected?

Patrick Holford's new book The Chemistry of Connection sets out to add another layer to the meaning of 'holistic' living.

Vitamin K2 improves vascular calcification

A new clinical study published in BMC Nephrology has found that haemodialysis patients benefit from supplementation with vitamin K2. According to the researchers, the vitamin...

Bio-Kult award back for 2018

Bio-Kult has announced that its educational grant is back for 2018 with a fresh look, a new application process and an additional prize.

Haskell and Mezaine get Cooking for Fitness

England Rugby star James Haskell has teamed up with Omar Mezaine – the man who cooked the England football team to victory in the 2018 world Cup – for a new healthy recipe book.

Omega-3 levels in salmon are falling, warns IFFO

The International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organization (IFFO) has warned that the levels of fish oil in fish feed are falling and that this...

Minimal fish oil consumption lowers blood pressure

A study published in the Journal of Nutrition has found that consuming as little as 0.7g of fish oil per day can reduce blood pressure.

2016 Bio-Kult Student Bursary winner announced

Victoria Sims has been announced as the winner of the 2016 Bio-Kult Student Bursary, receiving £1,000 to spend on her nutritional career goals. Naturopathic nutrition...

UK Government releases updated Eatwell Guide

The UK Government has published a revised version of its Eatwell Guide – which has replaced the Eatwell Plate.

Low magnesium associated with type 2 diabetes, artery calcification

A study published in Nutrition Journal has found that magnesium levels correlate to a higher prevalence of cardiovascular disease risk factors.

Fruit & veg consumption when young linked to improved heart health...

Research conducted by Michael Miedema MD of the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation and colleagues has found that increased consumption of fruit and veg in...

Iranian study links healthy eating to mental wellbeing

A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition by researchers in Iran have found that adherence to healthy eating is inversely associated with...

camexpo launches new survey ahead of its ‘The C Word’ panel...

Next month’s camexpo (26-27 September, Olympia, London) will host an exclusive panel discussion focusing on the relationship between complementary therapists and people with cancer. ...

PhD gets active

PhD Nutrition has been chosen to become the official sports nutrition partner of David Lloyd Leisure.

US study shows whole grains increase calorie loss

A new study suggests that substituting whole grains for refined grains in the diet increases calorie loss by reducing calories retained during digestion and speeding up metabolism.