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Cricket club goes vegan to be more inclusive

You may have heard of Forest Green Rovers, a football club which made headlines for serving plant-based meals to fans – a largely non-vegan audience.

Cocoa shock

Last night, I crossed to the dark side. I unwittingly bit into a bar of chocolate that was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. A bar of Green & Black’s new Velvet Edition; its first product that is neither Fairtrade certified, nor organic.

War of the world

After a century of destructive conflict a new battle is about the begin – the one to save Planet Earth. It's the war we really...

So, where are all the bodies?

A new 200-page report from the American Association of Poison Control Centers concludes that nutritional supplements were the cause of zero deaths in the US...

Put your environmental credentials on display

A well-presented store with stock neatly arranged, and price and product details clearly visible, is essential to achieve customer loyalty and drive sales. The store environment in general, particularly how easy it is to shop, is no less important than having a carefully curated range that is appealingly priced.

Beautiful at 90

Last month I joined the special 90th birthday celebrations for Weleda’s pioneering Skin Food product.

Cheer up, we just reversed humanity’s decline

OK, reversing humanity’s decline took 40 or 50 years longer than we thought. But let’s celebrate it anyway, writes Craig Sams.

Natural & Organic Products Europe: our top five trends

Five top trends observed at Natural & Organic Products Europe, brought to you by Brand Organic. 

Pay us your $3bn fine – we’ll start a nutritional revolution!

This week global drugs industry giant GSK was hit with an eye-watering $3 billion fine after pleading guilty to healthcare fraud. Why not give...

No place to hide

The internet is the most powerful tool for transparency ever invented. There literally is no place to hide for the perpetrators of food scandals,...

It’s independents who are growing organic sales – let’s support them!

Independent retailers are organic's true believers and best promoters. Let's use the powerful 'Organic. Naturally different.' campaign to support them, says Charles Redfern An old...

Stand up and be counted

It’s been more than six months since the team at the Natural Beauty Yearbook and Natural Products News magazine sat down around a round table with a handful of key industry figures and discussed the state of the natural and organic beauty market.

How to decarbonize a planet

Making the switch to organic agriculture on a global scale and turning waste biomass into biochar offers the real prospect of being able to...

Beauty shifts: beyond skin deep

Helen Yeardsley, beauty industry expert, casts her eye over the campaigns making waves in the natural beauty space and examines the trends being driven by Generation D

The future is wearable

We’re only one month into 2017 and it’s already well on its way to making its mark as the year of innovative packaging.

No gain without grain?

Is it time we stopped blaming all grains and acknowledge that they have been part of humanity’s evolution for the last million years? asks Patrick Holford.

Mintel spots beauty trends at NPE

Calling Natural & Organic Products Europe 'an established innovation hub for health, food, beauty, wellness and sustainable living', Mintel's beauty innovation coverage manager Irina Ene has published the following trends report on Mintel blog:

Plant-strong nutrition: how vegan diets can fuel active lifestyles

This month, you might hear a lot of chatter about plant-based athletes due to the release of a documentary called The Game Changers.

Brexit beauty: a fork in the road

With retailers stealing themselves for a cliff-edge Brexit on 31 December, what could this mean for the natural beauty industry?

What’s wrong with wheat?

The ‘convention’ is that wholegrains should be a major part of our diet and that a small fraction of people, one in 3,000, are...