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To what extent will Brexit’s impact on the NHS affect health...

The impact of Brexit on the NHS has been a topic of debate since the controversial claim that it would free up £350 million a week to be spent on the NHS was plastered in large letters on the side of a bus hired by the Leave Campaign in the run-up to the EU referendum in 2016. Over the summer, Prime Minister Theresa May unveiled plans to increase, through a Brexit dividend, the NHS budget by an average of 3.4% a year by 2023 – hinting that the bus pledge was to be honoured.

Vegan food: not just for January

January is a time for new experiences, and thousands of people are trying out totally plant-based eating. As well as being cruelty-free, vegan food can provide great nutritional value for money. If you’re getting active this month, you can thrive on a vegan diet, and if you’re looking to tackle winter weight gain, fibre-rich plant foods can help to make slimming a more satisfying experience.

Gove pushed on organic commitment at thriving ‘real farming’ event

Delegates at last week’s Oxford Real Farming Conference pushed the Environment Secretary Michael Gove to give a clear commitment to organic, writes Michael Wale.

2018 – or the year policymakers got serious about plastic waste

With 2018 already behind us, we can now say with some certainty that it was the year of plastic, or to be more precise, of the anti- plastic momentum.

Introducing the power consumer

As we shake off the excesses of the festive season and bring our focus to another year in this constantly evolving (but sometimes fickle) industry, I am reminded of the sheer pace of change, and the increasing shift of natural and organic values into mainstream consciousness.

Veganism needs legal protection for equal society – and this case...

Earlier this year, The Guardian broke the story of the legal dispute between the animal rights charity League Against Cruel Sports and a vegan, Jordi Casamitjana, who claims to have been unfairly dismissed for pointing out that the charity’s pension fund invests in firms involved in animal experimentation.

Make sure it’s an ethical Christmas

Each year the run-up to Christmas starts earlier and earlier. Retail calendars are planned well in advance, Black Friday has become a popular fixture in the diary and even mince-pies are on sale in September. It’s all heavily focused on shopping and buying, but as ethical trends continue to rise, we need to adapt to the new consumer who might be looking deeper.

Towards a fairer food supply chain?

The good governance of the food supply chain and the protection of vulnerable operators have become something of a mantra for policy-makers at both national and EU levels. One example of this is the European Commission’s recent proposal for a directive on Unfair Trading Practices (UTPs) in business-to-business relationships in the food supply chain in spring.

Optimizing health: six reasons to promote plant foods

From a health perspective, there are good reasons to throw moderation out of the window and eat plenty of minimally processed plant foods.

Post-Brexit food supply challenges: a pragmatic approach is needed

Whether the UK and EU achieve a Brexit agreement or fail to agree and move instead to World Trade Organization rules, there will still be changes to which the food industry must adapt.

Public sector canteens should offer vegan options to benefit people, the...

When you’re sent to hospital for a procedure, or your child is due to start school, food is probably the last thing on your mind. Sadly, many vegans don’t have this luxury in situations where they have to rely on others to cater for them.

Is the reign of plastic over?

If there is one concern that seems to have been gaining momentum among the public this year, that is plastic pollution resulting from single-use plastic and its consequences for the environment, animal life and human health.

Beauty shifts: beyond skin deep

Helen Yeardsley, beauty industry expert, casts her eye over the campaigns making waves in the natural beauty space and examines the trends being driven by Generation D

Put your environmental credentials on display

A well-presented store with stock neatly arranged, and price and product details clearly visible, is essential to achieve customer loyalty and drive sales. The store environment in general, particularly how easy it is to shop, is no less important than having a carefully curated range that is appealingly priced.

Setting the record straight on soya

You hear a lot of scare stories about soya, which is a shame because it’s a valuable source of nutrition, particularly if you avoid animal products like meat and dairy. Soya-based foods can be enjoyed by people of all ages, and may even provide some health benefits.

Brexit White Paper: a magic bullet for the food and drink...

This month’s analysis is from Simon Benadiba, political consultant, The Whitehouse Consultancy

Calling for better vegan options on trains and planes

Eating out as a vegan is no longer a time-consuming, difficult challenge it once was – food options have become so much better, particularly over the last few years. It’s hard to believe those who have been vegan for decades used to carry around their own little carton of soya milk, just to be in with a chance of a decent cup of tea

Letter to the editor

In a letter to the editor, John Brear, national sales director at Bio-Nature, takes a moment to share his thoughts on his friend and colleague Diane Suddell, who passed away on 25 July. 

Plating up plant protein

Protein is not in short supply in UK diets, but nevertheless, it’s a hot topic in the world of food. National guidelines encourage us to eat more beans and pulses because they are healthy and sustainable sources of this nutrient, but some people are not familiar with these foods. We can help to protect our health and the environment by promoting plant protein.

How well-meaning businesses can avoid the greenwashing scourge

Plastics in the sea, straws, billions of unrecyclable coffee cups: 2018 has been the year of environmental sustainability … or at least that’s how it seems.