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How to decarbonize a planet

Making the switch to organic agriculture on a global scale and turning waste biomass into biochar offers the real prospect of being able to reverse global warming, says Craig Sams What’s happening out there? Is the world quietly going sane? A leading US Republican, Henry Paulsen, has come out strongly for action on climate change […]

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julia zaltzman

Certifiably organic

Walk into any department store in Europe and you’ll find yourself assaulted on all fronts by a dizzying array of cosmetic counters, a thick fog of chemically enhanced fragrance and over-zealous, commission-paid reps wearing painted-on Cheshire cat grins. It’s enough to make you feel like you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and wound up in […]

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Tim 3

Best of British

Yeo Valley is the British organic industry’s biggest success story. Tim Meads has been running the businesses since 1990 and tells Michael Wale why ‘Britishness’ is at the heart of the brand At the height of the X Factor’s televisual popularity three years ago Yeo Valley Organic took a £3m gamble on a two minute […]

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What’s wrong with wheat?

The ‘convention’ is that wholegrains should be a major part of our diet and that a small fraction of people, one in 3,000, are intolerant to wheat gluten (coeliac disease). Every part of this sentence is wrong and I’d like to explain why. Firstly, the wheat you eat today bears little resemblance to the wheat […]

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Go figure…

After a few years of what economists might euphemistically call ‘negative growth’, the organic market is back on the march as Osborne’s ‘green shoots of recovery’ start to come out for Spring. Talk at Natural & Organic Products Europe was focused around the 2.8% growth achieved in the organic sector in the UK, according to […]

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Have you been dealing comfrey, sonny?

The natural food trade should take a lead in exposing the hypocritical regulation of herbal medicine, says Craig Sams A bust in Denver: “Okay, kid, put your hands up against the wall. Spread your legs while we pat you down.” Two cops search a young man’s clothing. “Nothing here but a couple of marijuana joints […]

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Field leader

The Organic Herb Trading Company has been at the cutting-edge of the organic herbal ingredients sector for three decades. Here, Natural Products talks with Jim Twine, newly appointed as managing director at OHTC, about his plans to move this “hidden gem” of the organic industry to the next level Natural Products: You had a high […]

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The Chit and Janey

A Lush victory

What’s in a name? Plenty, if you’re an ambitious natural beauty company that needs to communicate everything good about your brand through the well-chosen words that name your range. That’s why Lush’s recent court victory over Amazon was so important. For those who missed the story, Amazon was actively hijacking customers who typed ‘Lush’ into […]

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Great Social Media Myths

My discussions with lots of business owners about social media mainly fall into two groups. The first group say they don’t use social media in their marketing as they’re not “internet savvy”.  Well here’s some good news, you don’t need to know anything about the internet to exploit the power of social media – I’ll […]

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The Chit and Janey

MI: still a sensitive issue

“Every cosmetics product on the market in Europe is safe to use,” announces the comforting blurb on the website of cosmetics trade organization Cosmetics Europe. However, ongoing alarm about the use of methylisothiazolinole (aka MI or MIT) proves that some ingredients might be a lot safer to use than others. MI recently hit the headlines […]

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Give your customers some action!

With a treasure trove of exciting, tasty, differentiated products to try, love and buy, I believe everybody is a potential customer. True? Then why do over 85% of people walk right past our doors? Of course, we must aim to be ‘trusted advisors’, educating customers about health, wellbeing and ethical issues, but before we can […]

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Small is still beautiful

Who needs big organisations that are inherently inefficient in this age of smartphones and smart farmers? The future is small, the future is beautiful … and resilient The Royal Scottish Geographical Society, in their wisdom, decided to bestow their Shackleton Medal (for Leadership and Citizenship) on me, and my wife Jo Fairley. The event was […]

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The Chit and Janey

Embracing sell-o-vision

For fashion and beauty snobs there’s no dirtier acronym than QVC. The original home shopping channel is associated in some people’s imagination with chintzy diamante trinkets and Swiss Army-style cooking accouterments destined to collect dust in kitchen cupboards and bedroom drawers. But, as a surprisingly upbeat profile in last month’s Vogue shows, the channel is […]

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Roll up, get your black candyfloss here

Over the weekend of September 6-8 the Food Organisation of Denmark delivered a first rate consumer show which inspired and delighted visitors to Aarhus  ( Last year the show attracted 30,000 visitors and with sunny weather this year it is likely that this figure was exceeded. The setting was idyllic. Next time you are incarcerated […]

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Let’s get down to details

When the big four supermarkets pulled swathes of organic lines from their shelves in the early stages of the 2008 recession they set in train a self-fulfilling prophesy. As organic food sales duly fell away the retail giants could claim that their prediction that shoppers would abandon premium-priced ‘discretionary’ items like organic had been right. […]

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The future of retailing … or ungroovy uncle of an idea?

“A compelling combination of retail, food service and community” “The retail equivalent of your uncle trying to be groovy at a wedding and failing” Two rather different interpretations of Tesco’s widely publicised plans to breathe some life into its underperforming superstores – the first from Kantar Retail, the second from the New Economics Foundation’s Andrew […]

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