OIVE reveals to European professionals the richness and diversity of Spanish organic wines through two ‘travel-tastings’

  • The Interprofessional Wine Organization of Spain brings 10 ‘bio’ wines from eight different Denominations of Origin to the Organic Food Iberia fair
  • The two tastings, carried out within the framework of the ‘A Shared Passion’ campaign (promoted by OIVE itself and Viniportugal), achieved great attendance.

Madrid, June 11, 2024 . Spanish organic wines are carving out an increasingly important niche in the most prestigious international markets, thanks to their quality, variety and gastronomic versatility. And, to deepen this internationalization, within the framework of the A Shared Passion campaign, the Spanish Interprofessional Wine Organization (OIVE) has organized two workshops focused on them and aimed at European professionals, within the Organic Food Iberia fair, which took place this week at IFEMA (Madrid).

Celebrated with great public success in the Wine Tasting Gallery of the event, under the title “ Tour through ecological Spain of wine ”, they have constituted authentic sensory journeys in the form of tastings. The objective? Show all the potential that the Spanish territory has in this segment of the wine sector, through 10 magnificent representatives from eight different denominations of origin.

In the first workshop, on June 4, the protagonists were Alta Alella Mirgin Brut Nature Guarda Superior (DO Cava), Cuatro Rayas Organic Verdejo (DO Rueda), Luzón Collection Monastrell 2023 (DO Jumilla), Lan Xtreme Ecológico 2019 (DO Rioja) and Piedra Luenga Pedro Ximénez (DO Montilla-Moriles). In the second, held on June 5, Vilarnau Brut Reserva Organico (DO Cava), Jean Leon Xarel·lo 2023 (DO Penedès), Casa Los Frailes Bilogia (DO Valencia), Pago Florentino Eco 2020 (DO Vino de Pago) and again Piedra Luenga Pedro Ximénez.

Those in charge of presenting them and communicating their excellence have been the Spanish wine exporter and Swedish educator Anna Granqvist, and the chef, taster and gastronomic advisor Arturo Garre, who acted as luxury ‘guides’ on these oenological ‘tours’.

The A Shared Passion program tries to convey the quality of wines from Spain and Portugal thanks to the great wealth of varieties and numbers of designations of origin and geographical indications of wine, and, above all, the passion with which they are made. This 3-year campaign with funding from the European Union also highlights the relevance of the wine sector in both countries for its fundamental role in the economic, social and environmental sustainability of many of its municipalities, where it generates thousands of direct and indirect jobs. indirect effects that go far beyond the vineyards and wineries, combating rural depopulation.

More information: www.asharedpassion.com

About the Interprofessional Wine Organization of Spain (OIVE)

The Spanish Wine Interprofessional (OIVE) is a non-profit organization that brings together representative entities of the value chain of the Spanish wine sector. It is constituted as an instrument at the service of the sector to address its weaknesses through the union and joint work of the different agents that make it up.

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