Becci Vallis swims through the active lifestyle sector to get an update on the positive trends driving NPD and – more worryingly – the TikTok trends generating health warnings

Wild swimming has become three times more popular than it was in 2019, largely driven by the pandemic, when lockdowns and gym closures left people searching for alternative ways to exercise – and socialize – safely. Inspired by the growing interest in outdoor dips and driven by their own experience of sea-swimming, sisters and co-founders of sustainable activewear brand Planet Warrior, Josie and Juliette Crabtree, decided to expand their range and launch a swimsuit collection. 

“My sister and I are both avid swimmers, and living in Salcombe we have always taken advantage of the beach on our doorstep,” explains Josie. “With the arrival of lockdown there was a surge in UK travel; with holidays abroad not being an option and with swimming pools closed, wild swimming became more appealing to a wider audience.

“At a time when stress levels reached an all-time high, people were also looking for activities to help their mental wellbeing, as well as trying to keep as fit and healthy as possible. It felt like the perfect time to expand Planet Warrior’s offering with the introduction of swimwear.”

Following the same thumbprint as the brand’s other collections, each piece is produced using discarded plastic bottles found in the ocean. In two variations – a criss-cross strappy design and a long-sleeved design that lends itself to paddle boarding, surfing and wild swimming – the material also provides UV50 protection. Plus, with printed-in labels and no cardboard tags or plastic ties, the brand continues to push boundaries in creating zero waste and minimum impact on the environment.

A rival for whey protein?
New research has discovered that cricket protein may be more effective at delivering the amino acids required for muscle growth than whey protein (a by-product of dairy). The studies, undertaken by gastrointestinal research organization Aelius Biotech, involved modelling the human digestive tract using a patented model of the human mouth, stomach and small intestine, which has the ability to stimulate the digestive process without the need for animal testing. The tests found that the cricket protein, which has a complete amino acid profile – required for muscle growth – was digested both better and faster than whey. The latter is crucial because the speed at which protein is absorbed by the body relates to how efficacious it is in triggering that all-important muscle protein synthesis (MPS). 

“With holidays abroad not being an option and with swimming pools closed, wild swimming became more appealing to a wider audience”

While still in its infancy, cricket protein is also proving to be a far more sustainable source of protein as farming crickets requires much less land, water and feed than that required to look after dairy cows. The carbon emissions are also significantly lower. 

Already backing crickets’ credentials, start-up sports nutrition brand Protein Rebel has created Reload, a plant- and cricket-based protein powder that provides 23g protein per serving. 

“Crickets have a strong nutritional profile, contain all essential amino acids and are incredibly easy to digest, but until now we haven’t had the robust scientific research to back up our anecdotal findings,” admits Tim Boote, co-founder of the brand. “The results of this gut research are really exciting and will make the sports industry sit up and take notice.”

A hydrating cuppa
Putting the kettle on post-workout might not be a bad idea as a new research paper, Tea for Sport and Fitness: A Scoping Review, has uncovered that tea has the same hydrating properties as water. Shunning previous notions that tea could be dehydrating because of its caffeine content, blood tests and urine samples from subjects who drank cups of tea with semi-skimmed milk proved otherwise. 

Further studies even found that tea can boost strength, after men who were given 200ml of tea three times a day over eight days had improved strength recovery post-workout. While it might not be a go-to during a sports session, it’s a great alternative for upping fluid levels post-exercise when tap water gets boring.

Don’t try this at home
Just because TikTok is one of the most downloaded apps of all time and is predicted to reach 16.8 million users in the UK alone by 2024, doesn’t mean the content is always correct. From wayward beauty trends to kitchen hacks, the latest videos causing concern are those of people consuming protein powder neat before their workouts, rather than diluting it with water or milk. Labelled ‘dry scooping’, the health risks that come with it include an increase in blood pressure and heart rate owing to the high caffeine content included in the powders. This could also lead to heart palpitations and extra or mixed beats. Something else to be considered is choking or infection if any of the powder is inhaled and travels to the lungs. As a result, researchers are calling for a greater awareness of the side effects of such social media trends, especially since the 30 videos highlighting the pre-workout craze amassed more than eight million likes.


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