In a year characterized by the coronavirus pandemic, how will winter 2020 look
for the natural remedies sector? Kate Miller speaks to the experts 

When the clock ticked over to midnight on New Year’s Eve few of us could have predicted that come autumn we’d be sharing the roads with forests of neon bike lanes and that Boris Johnson would be telling us to get fit in an effort to stop a ‘second wave’ sinking the NHS. 

The Government’s ‘obesity strategy’ comes amid a pile of evidence linking increased BMI with poor COVID outcomes: up to 113% more likely to be hospitalized and 50% more likely to die. Add to this the odd nature of the illness, with factors such as blood clotting and reports of debilitating symptoms of ‘long COVID’, it’s fair to predict that even the slim and toned are likely to be taking a particular interest in their health this winter. 

Prevention and protection
According to Mike Wakeman, clinical pharmacist and scientific advisor to Schwabe Nature’s Way UK, this year’s winter remedies market will be unlike anything previously experienced. “Firstly, due to face coverings, increased hand hygiene and less social interaction, winter bugs may be less likely to pass around the population than in previous years. However, for the same reasons our immune systems may be compromised insofar as we are not circulating as much which means that many of us will be more susceptible to infections. My feeling is that people will be more likely to buy products to protect themselves from winter bugs than to actually treat them.” 

“It is definitely going to be a winter remedy season like no other,” says Sunna van Kampen, founder of Tonic Health. “According to the Office of National Statistics normal flu levels are down on average by about 34% as a result of the additional precautions people are taking. Despite this, Nielsen data still shows the category outperforming last year by 32% as the focus on immune health and prevention is driving growth due to the increased awareness and people taking a more proactive role in their health. This suggests that even without a potential second wave, this will be one of the busiest seasons for natural winter remedies as they play a strong role in prevention.”

Tony Calamita, CEO of Love Hemp, agrees consumers are more focused on health products than ever. “They’re more aware of how they can support their own health at home and are purchasing trusted products to do this.” Spotting the trend, the company brought forward the launch of Love Hemp Immune – a combination of CBD, vitamin C, vitamin D and bilberry extract – by several months.

“Ensuring that we have
the right balance of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids in our diet is an important step in providing personal support to our immune systems”

Nutritionist Patrick Holford says the market will see an influx of new customers: “There’s a lot more awareness about nutrition and immunity, which means new customers. Vitamin D got good coverage for the BAME community and that represents a large section of the public. As ever, the more educated people become the more they’ll stock up in preparation. I wrote Flu Fighters, which Viridian is kindly distributing into health food shops, so customers can become informed.”

“The data shows immune health has now actually become the number one health concern for people ahead of more trendy health areas such as gut or brain health,” says Van Kampen.

“I think this increased attention and focus … is here to stay as people realize how important it is, to not only the amount of cold and flu we get each year but also the length of time it takes for our body to recover.”

The right balance
In terms of being prepared for winter, is it too late for customers entering the category now? “It’s never too late,” says Dr Emma Derbyshire from the Health & Food Supplements Information Service: “Ensuring that we have the right balance of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids in our diets is an important step in providing personal support to our immune systems. We can’t control our environment, including the bacteria and viruses that could potentially cause infection, but we can do everything possible to get our immune systems ready to respond.” The best advice, she says, would be to review the diet and ensure it contains certain nutrients. “Folate, iron, selenium and vitamins A, C and D are all important for the normal functioning of the immune system.”

As Holford points out, vitamin D has had plenty of press coverage with reports indicating a significant overlap between deficiency and severe COVID-19. Writing in The Lancet, Adrian Martineu and Nita G Forouhi state: “It would seem uncontroversial to enthusiastically promote efforts to achieve reference nutrient intakes of vitamin D, which range from 400iu/day in the UK to 600-800iu/day in the USA. These are predicated on benefits of vitamin D for bone and muscle health, but there is a chance that their implementation might also reduce the impact of COVID-19 in populations where vitamin D deficiency is prevalent; there is nothing to lose from their implementation, and potentially much to gain.”

As well as vitamin D, Holford predicts other remedies containing vitamin C, zinc and elderberry will be popular. “Many products sold out last winter but, hopefully, companies will be more prepared for the onslaught of winter remedy sales.”

While high sales of vitamin C are to be expected, this may be further boosted by the amount of research into its potential role in acute respiratory distress syndrome, with particular relevance to mechanical ventilation in severe COVID cases. A meta-analysis of nine clinical trials published in February in the Journal of Intensive Care found that, on average, vitamin C shortened the length of mechanical ventilation by 14%. 

“Traditionally, immune and winter health has been at the back of store, but there is a real opportunity to increase sales through impulse purchases this winter”

Keeley Berry, nutritional expert at BetterYou – which recently launched its Vitamin C Daily Oral Spray – anticipates the industry will also see a focus on the natural relaxants ashwagandha, turmeric and magnesium. “We’re seeing an increase in the amount of people looking to combat tiredness and fatigue and boost their energy levels after experiencing ‘lockdown burnout’. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw interest in vitamin B12, iron and CoQ10 surge,” she adds. 

Wakeman is another who thinks customers will be looking beyond the usual winter remedies. “Stress enhances and suppresses the immune function depending on the type, duration and frequency of stressors, combination of stress hormones released, and the particular aspect of immunity being examined. I therefore also predict an increase in sales of herbal preparations traditionally used to relieve symptoms of stress such as products containing Rhodiola rosea, valerian and passionflower.”

Up front
Van Kampen notes that retailers should be ready for this surge in interest by increasing the prominence of products. “Traditionally, immune and winter health has been at the back of store, but there is a real opportunity to increase sales through impulse purchases this winter as it is top of mind for consumers.”

He also recommends a good range of price points and formats to cover all consumer preferences. “What we’ve found from research is that quite often specific solutions such as echinacea or bee propolis … are not understood by the majority of people, and they want a more convenient all-in-one solution. If I was ranging an immune health category, I would look to cover the bases for specific specialist ingredients and then focus my efforts on easy-to-understand, mid-range immune health products that can bring new shoppers into the category who might not have previously shopped the fixture, as that should drive increased sales in the season ahead.”

Education is key, says Calamita: “I think what is most important is giving consumers adequate education on products and how to naturally supplement at home. Consumers will be more focused on ingredients and dosing to suit their preferences than ever before and will require the industry’s support to do this.

“Ensuring all health products are clearly labelled … alongside informative marketing collateral is important in consumers understanding the health product and benefits. Also, with the current economic challenges, promotions and discounts.”

All this optimism can’t mask a scary time for many retailers, but Van Kampen stresses it is important to remember that things will get better. “From an economic perspective, these times are incredibly stressful, but it is important to remember everything is cyclical and economies always bounce back. It will just take time, hard work and some inventiveness to stay relevant and keep going. I’ve seen great examples of local health food stores and cafés moving online since the pandemic. That inspires me and is a sign that we will find a way through this.”

“People are going to be understandably nervous about venturing into retail stores, so this will be a difficult time,” adds Berry. “Having said that, consumers have demonstrated a desire … to shop local and whilst adapting to our ‘new normal’, I expect we will see an increase in demand within independent health stores. This industry will recover and recover well.”

Time to bee optimistic
The growing body of evidence regarding the positive role of honey in the treatment of respiratory illnesses was added to in August with a meta-analysis from Oxford University.

Looking at data from 14 previous trials, the authors concluded that honey was superior to usual treatments in easing upper respiratory symptoms. They also highlighted that honey provided a widely available and cheap alternative to antibiotics. 

This follows the 2018 NICE and Public Health England guidelines recommending honey as one of the first port of calls when treating an acute cough.

Matt Steele, brand manager for Honey New Zealand Europe, says the new study provides a great opportunity to sell all types of honey, including manuka. “It’s come at a good time too, as the long summer is coming to an end. We find sales of manuka honey peak in the winter. The opportunity for retailers now is to explain the difference between normal table honey and New Zealand manuka – which shows antimicrobial activity much above any other type thanks to higher levels of methylglyoxal.”



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Coldner  is a unique CE medical device containing red seaweed extract which coats the throat mucosa to protect it against bacteria and viruses attaching to it. If infection has already taken place, Coldner is most effective at the first stage of infection, during early symptoms of a sore throat. 

When the mucus is penetrated by the virus, the virus then enters a cell, the virus takes control and uses the cell’s machinery to manufacture more viruses, and these viruses then attack surrounding cells. 

Coldner interferes with this process: after replication, the newly formed viruses are encapsulated by Coldner, directly after leaving its host, therefore preventing them from infecting other cells. This way, Coldner can slow down (or even stop) further viral infestation.



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