Nailing it!

The hair, eyes, skin and nails category can be a big seller as customers seek out beauty from within.

Consumers are coming round to the fact that whatever products they use to stay beautiful, good nutrition is the key to looking good naturally. And that means they’re turning to the natural sector for innovative ways to keep looking pristine.
“For our customers, beauty starts on the inside,” explains Peter Harwood, co-founder of Planet Health.
“Skin, hair and nails are often a good indication of a person’s general health so it’s important to have a healthy lifestyle and a good diet. Deficiencies in key vitamins and minerals such as silica often result in weak nails, thinning hair and poor skin appearance.”
According to Kim Allan from Botanical Brands it’s a category that’s looking very good for growth in the market too.
“This is an important category for independent health stores and one which has seen good growth over the past years,” explains Allan.
“From our experience with Living Nature, the most important asset to a health store is having experienced, informed staff who can confidently recommend the correct products for different skin types and conditions.
“Additionally, taking a holistic approach and addressing skincare concerns and issues, both topically and internally, as well as looking at lifestyle and diet, are all important and health stores do this really well; something customers often don’t find elsewhere.
“At Living Nature we meet many proactive stores that are clearly focused on this category with an excellent, comprehensive range of products and knowledgeable, highly trained staff. It is our experience that the majority of customers are female, over 30 years and frequently they will have a particular concern or issue that needs addressing, and quite often one which conventional treatments have not remedied.”
This core consumer is important for the trade because, as Dave Gunning from Udo’s Oil says, they have both a high average spend and a willingness to try new products – especially ones they’ve seen over social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter. This fact neatly dovetails with the popularity of natural beauty in some stores.
“You just need to watch beauty related social media platforms for a short period of time to realise how free people are with recommending what they feel works – brands that have no substance tend to be found out a lot quicker nowa days due to the power of social media and likewise, brands that do work can find interest gathering quickly,” he says.

So what trusted natural solutions can retailers stock to connect with these cash-rich 30-something consumers who seem to be very open to the natural message?
The two key best-sellers which chime across the entire eyes, hair, skin and nails category are still silica and collagen.
Collagen helps maintain flexibility, suppleness and strength in the body and also boosts the production of keratin, the substance from which hair and nails are made.

Meanwhile, as Harwood explains, keeping silica levels up is the key to inner health and outer beauty.
“Minerals are often the ‘go-to’ remedies for our customers,” he says.
“Minerals are the key to a natural glow, particularly silica which is in every part of our body. Unfortunately, as we age, we often become deficient in it.
Digestive health is crucial for a healthy appearance and products like Silica Liquid Gel and Aloe Vera Juice (Pure inner gel juice only) can also improve our general wellbeing and the appearance of our skin.”
At Natural & Organic Products Europe this year, Jayney Lee Grace called Qsilica “the new rock and roll” – so its ubiquity on the shelves, and in the category, is not surprising.
“Qsilica is a unique product, offering silica in a highly bio-available and absorbable form,” explains nutritionist Philip Weeks.
“Silica needs to be present in the body for the formation of health connective tissue, hair and nails. A deficiency of silica can result in brittle and flaky nails. I can usually detect whether women have enough silica in their body as they will have thick, healthy and shiny hair.”

Fat of the land
Essential fatty acids are increasingly turning up as a natural solution to problems with the skin and nails. This is mainly because, as the research stacks up, these fats are getting written about  more and more by the media in print and online. Gunning explains that the lack of fatty acids is all too often neglected in consumers’ quest for healthy and radiant skin. As he points out, lack of fatty acids can cause problems from dry skin and dandruff to cracked heels and brittle nails.

“Take the skin for instance,” he says.
“Youthful skin is full of plump water-filled cells yet a cell’s ability to hold water decreases with age.  A healthy skin cell has a healthy membrane, helping the skin retain water and nutrients whilst letting waste out. It is a fatty acid’s job to help keep that membrane functioning well.”
He says that diets containing a large amount of saturated or hydrogenated fat produce cell membranes that are hard. However, diets featuring omega 3 and 6 allow the cell membrane to work at optimum performance.
“For the full natural beauty of our skin to shine through our skin cells need protein, water, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.,” he says.
“However, with today’s modern diet of processed foods, carbohydrates and low fat meals they tend to lack the Omega 3 and 6 they need to work at their best.”
“Since Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend was first brought to the market in the 1990’s women and men have seen it improve the condition of their skin, hair and nails.  It seemed a logical step to target the wider beauty market and encourage women to look first at the foundation of their skin – their diet,”
He cites timely comments from Udo’s brand spokesperson  for inner beauty – Jemma Kidd: “Use make up to enhance your features, not mask them”.
“This is only possible when the skin is fed with the right diet to look its best before applying make-up,” he says.
Staying with healthy fats, Tim Gaunt from Nature’s Aid says that Krill Oil is gaining in popularity for “the omega side of things.”
“It gives us some really nice options in this category,” he says.
“With krill oil you’re providing the body with nutrients in exactly the form the body needs it in.”

 The eyes have it
Away from the 30-somethings for a minute, Gaunt points out that eye health is a growing health store category thanks to the natural needs of our aging population.
“The over-50s are a key demographic for health stores,” he says.
“In those people we’re seeing macular degeneration become increasingly prevalent. As well as prevention people need better eye-sight later into life, since lots of them drive and need good eyesight for the roads.”
Gaunt says that Nature’s Aid’s key product for this market is its Lutein Eye Complex with Bilberry.
“We tweaked the formula a couple of years ago, he says.
“The original formulation used 6mg of lutein and we boosted it to 10mg. At the same time we felt we should add Alpha Lipoic Acid– which is vital as an antioxidant. It really seems to resonate with people, and we’ve seen an uplift in sales.”

A good looking future
So what are the future shelf superstars in the eyes, hair, skin and nails sector, according to the experts? Harwood believes that spirulina is currently underused for consumers looking for a healthy skin boost.

“Women in particular are discovering the many benefits of spirulina for their skin,” he explains.
“Spirulina has the ability to cleanse our system and provide a potent range of nutrients in a natural form.  Unlike synthetic multi vitamin formulas claiming to be natural, spirulina delivers nature’s richest food source of nutrients for good health, a glowing appearance and increased energy.  One of the global beauty companies has just launched a range of topical spirulina skin care products and, with this increased exposure, I expect further demand from consumers, who are educated on the benefits of spirulina.”

Sensitive souls are also waking up to the fact that natural products can do wonders for their skin too – but it means choosing products with the right kind of ingredients.
“At Living Nature we are seeing a real increase in sales from customers suffering with acne rosacea and sensitive skin,” explains Allan.
“This is due to the fact that, as well as being certified natural, Living Nature doesn’t include grain alcohol or phenoloxyethanol in any of its skin care products. Living Nature Manuka Honey Gel is also a key seller and we now retail this product in two sizes, one for the pocket or handbag and a larger size for first aid kits.  Living Nature 100% Pure Manuka Oil has also taken off over the last year particularly after appearing in the Daily Mail.  It is an excellent all round antibacterial and antifungal oil and benefits from being gentler than Australian Tea Tree Oil.”
Since anti-ageing is essential, Beyond Organic Skincare has stepped up with its new Age-Defying Ultra Radiance collection made with 100% natural ingredients. It’s designed to offer customers the latest scientific know-how with clinically proven active botanicals. Great for people that want to be comfortable in the skin they’re in.

An Ayurvedic approach
“Eyes, skin, hair and nails are the frontline of beauty,” says David Masterton, general manager at Maharishi Ayurveda Products.
“They’re also good indicators of overall health; problems there may indicate an underlying weakness or imbalance which needs further attention.”
He says that in Ayurveda it’s widely accepted that “the outer is based on the inner” and that overall wellbeing is a major factor in our appearance. So, to come up with the best approach the right doshas (Vata, Pitta or Kapha) needs to be selected for each individual.
“With the Ayurvedic framework identifying the predominant dosha for different times of day, seasons of the year, and phases of life, as well as for different foods and activities, products can be tailored very carefully to give the fastest and most effective results, and linked to advice for appropriate lifestyle, diet and exercise,” he continues.
The company manufactures a range of herbal preperations designed to fortify and balance the metabolic processes which govern hair and nail growth, and promote healthy skin.
There are a range of dosha-specific shampoos, creams, oils, lotions and face masks which help restore balance and health to skin and hair damaged by environmental, dietary and lifestyle factors, as well as and the effects of ageing,” he says.
“Vata skin, for example, tends to be thin, dry, fine-pored, delicate and cool. Vata body lotion, one of the Vata-specific products, is a fluid, natural liquid crystal emulsion formulated to deeply hydrate the skin; it contains active ingredients to hydrate, soften and increase elasticity. Vata-spcific Anti-Age cleansing milk removes impurities from the skin without stripping the natural hydrolipid mantle, and is less abrasive than soaps, which can worsen dull skin conditions.”

Jayney loves
Retailers that caught natural beauty aficionado Jayney Lee Grace speaking live at this year’s Natural & Organic Products Europe show last month will have noticed her focus on the eyes, hair, skin and nails category.
In particular, she talked about the importance of using hair oil as part of a natural beauty regime.
“I’m a big fan of using hair oil,” she said.
“It’s easy to forget that we need to put natural oils back into our hair. This is especially true if you wash it every day – which I certainly don’t.”
“I just use a tiny amount of oil and then brush my hair,” she continued. “Brushing is really important too. Remember what your granny used to say about brushing your hair a hundred times before you went to bed? She was right.”
Grace also highlighted the versatility of natural and organic products in all parts of the beauty regime, including hair.
“I really love Tiana’s Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil because it’s organic, raw and 100% natural,” she said.
“You can have it on a smoothie, have it on toast – but it’s also the best moisturiser you’ll ever find. What Tiana have done, very cleverly, is bring out a really beautiful Beauty Sensations range, which includes a coconut oil with Argan that you put on your hair.”
Tiana’s Argan Fresh Coconut TLC is hailed as the first ever product to combine the power of both coconut and argan – two of the hottest natural beauty products currently available on the shelves.
During her session Jayney also bigged-up the power of Qsilicia, explaining how a friend had been using it with spectacular results.
“Qsilicia really is the next rock and roll,” she said.

Hot stocks

The skin you’re in
Natures Aid’s Hair, Skin and Nails Formula does exactly what it says on the tin with doses of kelp, vitamin E and calcium to keep consumers looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Flair for hair
With no ammonia, resorcinol or parabens Naturtint offers a way to cover grey and bring out intense and radiant natural-look colour. It’s available in permanent and non-permanent in a range of shades.

Vegan vits
Veganicity’s Bilberry with Eyebright features a double measure of these key eye health ingredients in a form suitable for vegans. So now your vegan customers can be cleared eyed about more than their diet…

 Radical radiance
Beyond Organic’s new Age-Defying Ultra Radiance Age Defying Day Cream gives customers the chance to fight back against the signs of ageing. The brand, which makes its products in Cornwall, prides itself on using best quality ingredients.

Going for gold
Solgar’s iconic Skin Nails and Hair Formula delivers collagen, keratin and the other key nutrients we can lose as we age for an extra beauty boost.


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Beyond Organic Ultra Radiance collection

Beyond Organic Skincare Ltd,
Isel Barn, Bosahan Farm, Trewardreva, Falmouth TR11 5QB
Tel: 0845 500 3550 Fax: 08703 607608
E-mail: [email protected]

Beyond Organic Skincare has introduced a NEW Age-Defying Ultra Radiance collection made with 100% natural ingredients, combining the latest scientific know-how with clinically proven active botanicals. Key ingredients include Sweet Blue Lupin peptides, Alpine Rose and Oat beta-glucan which has been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles – and more moisturising than hyaluronic acid. This premium range is manufactured in Cornwall using the very finest organic ingredients, made in small batches with true artisan craftsmanship. The anti-ageing collection includes a Day Cream, Night Cream, Cleanser and Serum. Beyond Organic is the first company to be certified within the UK by NATRUE.


Kinetic,-natures-answerNature’s Answer Platinum Liquid Hair, Skin & Nails

Kinetic Natural Products,
258 Belsize Road, London, NW6 4BT
Tel: 08450 725 825 Fax: 08450 725 826
E-mail: [email protected]

A comprehensive nutritional formula with key vitamins, minerals, herbs and antioxidants specially selected for their nourishing and strengthening support of hair, skin and nails including Vitamin A, C and E, Biotin, Inositol, Choline Pantothenic Acid, Zinc and Selenium. The formula also features Quick-Sorb, an exclusive blend of herbs known to enhance delivery of nutrients to the body. Nature’s Answer, the Liquid Professionals for over 30 years, take the highest quality ingredients, all quality assured, to create their Platinum All-Star Line-Up, a product family of liquid Vitamins, Minerals and Nutraceuticals in an easily absorbable form.


health-aidHairSkiNail HealthAid Ltd,

HealthAid House,
Marlborough Hill, Harrow, Middlesex, HA1 1UD
Tel: 020 8426 3400 Fax: 020 8426 3434
E-mail: [email protected]

Shine with outward beauty. Healthy tissues such as hair, skin and nails begin under the surface, before they become visible, and must be created from the inside out with the proper nutrients. HairSkiNail unique combination of essential nutrients such as B vitamins, Vitamin E and the selected amino acids helps to enhance the quality of hair, skin and nails as they are formed. This is simply the very best supplement to take for health hair, skin and nails. HairSkiNail retails at £11.99 for 30 tablets. Contact HealthAid Ltd on 020 8426 3400 for purchase and stockist information or visit

Green-peopleScent Free Eye Cream 10ml

Green People
Tel: 01403 740350 Fax: 01403 741810
E-mail: [email protected]

A Youth Boost for Sensitive Eyes. Restore elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles with Green People’s new Scent-Free Eye Cream. Unique moisture-retaining properties and the powerful synergy of Squalane and Jojoba esters work to retain moisture for at least 8 hours after application. Instantly smoothing and softening rough, damaged and wrinkled skin. A nourishing eye treatment rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and nutrients with a proven action to slow down and even reverse the ageing process, reduce fine lines and extend viable cell life. Ideal for individuals with ultra-sensitive skin and those prone to skin allergies and eczema.


Kinetic,-terranovaTerranova – Beauty Complex

Kinetic Enterprises
Tel: 0845 0725 825 Fax: 0845 0725 826
E-mail: [email protected]

Terranova Beauty Complex is a powerfully active and intensely synergistic formulation for the health of the skin, hair and nails. Beauty Complex features enzymatically-active, fresh freeze dried botanicals such as horsetail spring shoot, stinging nettle, sea buckthorn berries, burdock and watercress as well as important skin, hair and nail nutrients including MSM, zinc, carotenoids, biotin, pantothenic acid and vitamin C. As with all Terranova products, Beauty Complex is fortified with MAGNIFOOD, a synergistic complex of whole, unadulterated botanicals and superfoods designed to enhance the product’s function and activity.


Modern Herbals
Tel: 01274 889047 Fax: 01274 889435
E-mail: [email protected]

The secret to younger looking skin is not necessarily what you put on your body; it is the nutrients that you put in that really count. Hyaluronan (HA) is the principle compound for retaining water in the body. It is found within collagen and keeps it from cracking and drying out. It helps to slow down the effects of dehydration and ageing on our skin. Levels of HA drop dramatically after the age of 50 so replacing lost HA can be of huge benefit. Syno-Vital is a pure liquid form of HA that is easy to take and is well absorbed, giving great results for your customers. Please contact us for more information and introductory offers for new stockists.


Planet-healthQsilica REMOVE Make Up & Grime Cleansing Gel

Planet Health
Tel: 01285 741130 Fax: 01285 740110
E-mail: [email protected]

VOTED NO 1 ‘Overall Winner’ at the 2012 FreeFrom Awards, this brilliant & unique product has been shortlisted again for the 2013 awards. “Leaves your skin squeaky clean & well moisturised” “Absolutely love this” were just a couple of the comments from the judges. Qsilica skin care offers an affordable range of skincare with all products £19.95 retail or less. Pure natural ingredients, multi-active botanicals and infused with colloidal silica, the secret to that natural glow! With two products ‘shortlisted’ for the 2013 FreeFrom Awards, and another two products ‘commended’, Qsilica skin care is developing a loyal following from consumers.

savantSuvex Soothe

Tel: 0845 060 6070
E-mail: [email protected]

Suvex Soothe is a revolutionary skin care cream for dry, red or cracked skin. It has been developed through five years of extensive research in conjunction with top Harley Street experts. This 100% natural and petrochemical-free cream is gentle yet effective at soothing, moisturising and protecting the skin from irritation. Ethically sourced Shea butter, Cupuacu butter, Rose hip oil, Rice bran oil and Aloe Vera are all combined with a proprietary blend of plant oils and a unique seaweed extract to create this cooling, replenishing, luxuriously textured cream that helps soothe dry, red or cracked skin.


Nature’s Dream Ltd
Tel: 0845 601 8129 Fax: 01889 507576
E-mail: [email protected]

Naturtint Permanent Colorants, the renowned brand of gentle home hair dyes, not only allow customers to update their colour kindly as they are free from ammonia, resorcinol and parabens, but they also cover 100% of grey and come in 30 mixable and multi-application shades. Naturtint Reflex Non-Permanent colorants are also free from peroxide and PPD too, making them suitable for your skin sensitive and ingredient discerning users. Naturtint Shampoo & Nutrideep Multiplier offer fantastic after-care that strengthens and moisturises hair, prolonging the life of the colour. With fantastic, free POS and exceptional product support available, Naturtint fulfils your complete colour category needs.

viridianUltimate Beautea

Viridian Nutrition Ltd,
15 High March, Daventry, Northamptonshire, NN11 4HB
Tel: 01327 878050 Fax: 01327 878335
E-mail: [email protected]

Ultimate Beautea is a refreshing and cleansing blend of hibiscus flowers, rose petals (rosa damascena), calendula petals, chamomile flowers, licorice root and cleavers leaf. The tea offers a pleasing aroma and deliciously fragrant, gently sweet flavour. The Ultimate Beautea experience begins when you open the amber glass jar, with a burst of floral fragrance and the appearance of whole petals and flower buds. A spectrum of yellows, oranges, pinks and purples feed your senses and as the tea is infused with boiling water, the tea steeps to an appealing shade of pink. With a full 50% POR and attractive POS.

new-nordicHair Volume

Steve Skitt – New Nordic Ltd,
Unit 20 Brough Business Centre, Skillings Lane, Brough, HU15 1EN
Tel: 01482 300695
E-mail: [email protected]

Turn up the Volume. The new Hair Volume tablet represents a new generation of supplement for those who wish to maintain healthy and voluminous hair The unique bioactive nutrient hair growth factor combination contained in each tablet nourishes and activates the life processes of hair follicle cells. The tablet works from the inside out. The tablet contains micronutrients and herbal extracts including apple extract rich in procyanidin B2. The content of biotin and zinc contributes to the maintenance of normal hair and copper contributes to normal hair pigmentation, fighting grey hair.