Organic September – the UK’s biggest campaign dedicated to growing the organic market – is just around the corner, and this year will see an enhanced targeted consumer digital and media campaign designed to take the organic message to as many people as possible

This year’s Organic September remains focused on ‘small changes make a big difference’, but The Soil Association plans to raise the profile of the event by generating a lot more content through press and media to drive more people into stores to buy organic.

Building on the success of 2015, the organization aims to increase consumer understanding of the reasons to buy organic and broaden awareness of organic among millennials, while at the same time making it easier to buy. It will also emphasize the ‘5 reasons to choose organic’: better animal welfare; knowledge of what’s in your food; pesticide avoidance; better for biodiversity and wildlife; and sustainability.

Call to action

“There will be a clear call to action to look for the Organic September logo, so to achieve that we are doing a number of things,” explains Clare McDermott, business development director at Soil Association Certification. “This year will see more
online content as well as a video featuring some top influencers – including cook, stylist and writer Anna Jones, food busker John Quilter and Tom Hunt from Poco. These ambassadors will be talking about Organic September, their motivations for choosing organic and the impact of changing to organic, as well as revealing their own small changes. These pieces will also be available as Facebook clips.”

This year is the first time the Soil Association will hold an official launch for the month-long event. “We are bringing people together on 1 September to have an organic tapas meal which will be created by our chefs,” says McDermott. “The recipes will then be shared as exclusive downloads.”

The retailers and brands getting involved this year include Whole Foods Market, Ocado, Daylesford, Abel  & Cole, Yeo Valley, Clipper, Whole Earth, Kallo, Pukka, Eversfield, Percol, Westons, Café Direct, Zay-toun, YuYo, Alara, Pulsin, Plenish, Stella Organics, Green & Blacks, and many more. Once again, the sponsor for Organic September is Good Energy.

Festival fun

The Soil Association will be holding a big pop-up market on Roman Road in the East End of London on 10 September, where licensees will have the opportunity to sell or sample their organic products, demonstrate cooking and tasting techniques, and engage consumers with the organic message. There will also be a packed programme of events including talks and supper clubs.

McDermott says the market is designed to generate increased press awareness and raise interest for consumers. “It will give them the chance to feel, hear and buy organic, which will hopefully help to get more people into stores looking for the Organic September logo.”

The Soil Association is also launching a targeted email campaign to its database of consumers, directing them to each weeks’ offers and promotions that licensees and brands will be placing on the new and improved Organic September website pages. The emails will also feature tips and stories about the brands and producers with whom the Soil Association works.

Speaking to NPN about last year’s Organic September campaign, McDermott says: “We had an awful lot more coverage both online and in print than in the
previous year. Sales were up on 2014 by 5%, and in terms of people taking
part, 200 major brands were involved including all the major multiples. Over 3,700 point-of-sale (POS) packs were used, and 15 food bloggers covered the campaign across 30 individual events. The campaign reached over 31 million through media, an additional 21 million through social media, and achieved more than 90 individual pieces of print press coverage. In addition, there were 31,000 mentions of #OrganicSeptember and over 15,000 website visits.”

Driving traffic

“This year’s event is genuinely exciting,” adds McDermott. “The biggest thing for this year is that we will really be driving traffic and awareness through digital media which will send consumers into stores to look for the Organic September logo. And that’s going to be through paid-for advertising, through the events we’re doing and through the use of  the 30 small changes – everyday tips for social sharing. We are making it more interesting and relevant for instore by having different primary focuses throughout the weeks. Week one will cover dairy; week two fresh produce; week three will see Organic Beauty Week; and week four will focus on meat.”


Organic Beauty Week gets makeover

2016 will be Organic Beauty Week’s (19-25 September) third year, and the Soil Association is building on the Campaign for Clarity theme, asking consumers to ‘look for the logo’ and shining a light on the importance of certification and clarity within the organic beauty industry.

The event is getting a new look too. “We are completely revamping the creative and the materials around Organic Beauty Week,” says McDermott, “and we are taking it national – as well as hosting events in London for beauty buyers we will be holding events in Bristol and Glasgow, primarily to educate but also to allow people to sample brands.”

The Soil Association will be offering retailers a free POS kit, which highlights Organic Beauty Week with the sub-heading – ‘look for the logo’ and ‘we have the logo’, which can be placed over certified products.

Organic beauty brands partnering the Soil Association during the event include Neal’s Yard Remedies, Herbfarmacy, Spiezia, Natracare, Voya, Therapi, Bamford, Skin and Tonic and Terre Verdi.


Attract and educate  

To inspire you to get involved this year, here’s what retailers had to say about last year’s event …

“We were very excited to have such a full and varied programme for Organic September, with all events as accessible as possible,” said Phil Haughton, founder of the Better Food Company. “Having a month-long, national campaign is great for us as it helps us attract new customers and explain to them why they should switch
to organic.”

Last year Better Food hosted a number of events including a special screening of GMO OMG at the Watershed in Bristol, an afternoon tea party featuring Pukka Herbs, a nutrition talk focusing on how organic can help detoxifi-
cation, and a variety of instore workshops.

Whole Foods Market ran an organic market promotion in 2015 which gave 25% off across the store on the same day it hosted an organic tasting event and an Organic Pioneers evening. The store made good use of the Organic September point of sale material and messaging throughout the store, which led to increased sales and footfall over the month.

Benjamin Woodgate, the retailer’s UK marketing director, explained how it is getting involved this year: “Whole Foods Market will have a significant number of events, price promotions and product launches for Organic September. The POS produced by the Soil Association is the best I have ever seen for the campaign – we will be using this in store and would encourage other retailers to do the same to attract and educate more shoppers to eat, drink, use, choose organic products.”


Make the most of it!

This year the Soil Association will be sending out its free POS packs directly to independent retailers on its mailing list so they can easily highlight the organic message. Retailers can sign up now through the Soil Association website. The resources are also available online to download, and printed copies can be ordered on the website too.

The POS packs include posters, window stickers, handout cards, postcards and shelf talkers, and there is also a digital toolkit including banners for websites and emails. In addition, this year there is a stencil available so retailers can recreate the Organic September logo to display on their chalkboards and signage.

To drive engagement, the 30 small changes downloadable guide will also be relaunched and there is a campaign brief available for download which gives details about what the Soil Association has planned for the month.

So, take advantage of Organic September to increase sales, drive awareness and get new customers into your store. Make it easy for customers to find and buy organic instore by using
the free Organic September POS materials provided; incentivise customers to buy organic by offering instore promotions; and engage customers with instore events, such as organic tastings or cookery demos.

To further get behind Organic September, why not spread the word through your own Facebook page, Twitter or in your e-news letters, and join the conversation on social media using #OrganicSeptember. For more information on how you can get involved visit


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