Jim Manson introduces us to ‘uncertainty fatigue’ and paints a picture of how the upheaval and ambiguity of the pandemic has left weary Brits running on empty and locked in an endlessly tiring loop of hope, disappointment and exhaustion

“I hope this finds you well in these uncertain times,” we began our letters and emails in spring 2020. Two years later, as we grapple with the full meaning of ‘living with COVID’, we are still in the grip of disorienting strangeness. Could this be why so many of us feel tired and wired, running on empty? 

“I really do think people have a weariness and sense of uncertainty about the future,” says Naomi Murray, co-founder of Botanica Health in Tunbridge Wells. She is reflecting on the way the pandemic has exacerbated the problems so many people have with sleeplessness and managing their energy, but also the deep-seated anxieties it’s triggered. 

Chronic uncertainty
Uncertainty fatigue is the relatively new term for the deleterious effects on our health and wellbeing caused by prolonged periods of uncertainty. The chronic uncertainty created by the COVID pandemic has left us feeling unmoored, the familiar anchors in our lives constantly just out of reach.  

Stephanie Marshall, co-founder of the women-led life coaching school Kickstartology, says that growing numbers of clients are presenting with uncertainty fatigue. She believes ‘feeling out of control’ is the root cause of much of the exhaustion and helplessness that clients report. A natural response in these uncertain times, she says, is to ‘double down on trying to control everything’ and in the process ‘fall victim to circumstance’. 

Another by-product of the pandemic is our increased tendency to be continually projecting forward, wondering what our lives will be like in six months, or a year’s time. Lynette Luckers, associate professor at Community College of Philadelphia, says this keeps us in ‘constant hyperarousal mode’. Left unchecked, she says, this can lead to an ‘endless loop of fatigue’. 

Approach carefully 
Of course, in these various ways, the pandemic is simply amplifying problems that were there all along. Numerous NPN retailer surveys have placed tiredness and fatigue in the top five health food product categories. Here’s Murray again: “Tiredness and fatigue is a very common complaint. I’d say that nearly every day we have customers looking for a remedy to help them with tiredness.” She advises a careful and thorough approach to exploring the issue with customers. “We always ask why the customer or client is tired. So, you might ask, ‘Is this stress related, caused by insomnia or potentially post-viral?’ Also try to find out if they are generally unwell.

“When we discover the root cause we can work through options with the customer, offering them advice on nutritional requirements, perhaps also suggesting a change to a lifestyle habit that might be contributing to the issue – and herbs and supplements when necessary.”

Sara Canner, head nutritionist at Best Health Food Shop, agrees about the importance of tiredness and fatigue as a product category. “It’s definitely one of the main conditions that customers want help and supplement support for, so it has earned its own shelf section, alongside ‘sleep and energy’.” She also encourages customers to think about the root cause of their symptoms. “Discussion points might include poor sleep, stress, conditions like chronic fatigue and post-viral symptoms, or general illness tiredness. Menopause-related tiredness is also a common cause of fatigue discussion and enquiries. 

“It’s also important to ask background questions on whether customers know their iron status, thyroid function and vitamin D levels. As nutritional therapists we also check what medications a customer is taking to check for interactions with supplements we recommend – and may ask if they’ve seen their GP about their fatigue.”

Making it personal 
“The approach we take with customers is to consider all of these factors and then address their personal situation. That might include encouraging good sleep hygiene, recommending beneficial food items in the shop – for instance those that would help with good regulation of blood sugar – and then an appropriate supplement, generally those that include magnesium, B vitamins, adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha and lemon balm, or a sleep supplement if disturbed sleep is the root of the problem.”

Asked about top-sellers and personal recommendations, Murray cites ‘magnesium, B vitamins, ashwagandha and ginseng’. She singles out ashwagandha as her hero herb: “It’s an amazing herb … it helps with insomnia, fatigue, stress, adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues and immunity. In common with other adaptogens it helps the body adapt to all manner of stressors.”

Canner says top-sellers tend to be sleep-focused: “They include Viridian Cherry Night and Viridian L Theanin & Lemon Balm. In general vitamin D3 – especially by BetterYou – and magnesium and B complex formulas all sell well on a daily basis for fatigue. For a specific chronic fatigue or long-COVID case I would recommend and order in BioCare Mito Complex.”

Wake-up call
The centrality of sleep to the problem of tiredness and fatigue is unignorable. New research reveals how deeply sleep and sleeplessness affect overall health. The neuroscientist and science writer Matthew Walker says this shows how sleep is ‘more complex, profoundly more interesting and alarmingly more health-relevant than we could have ever imagined’.
In his best-selling book Why We Sleep, he shows how inadequate sleep ‘demolishes your immune system, may determine if you get Alzheimer’s, disrupts blood sugar levels so profoundly that you would be classified as pre-diabetic, and could set you on a path to cardiovascular disease, stroke and congestive heart disease’. Little wonder, then, that Walker describes lack of sleep as ‘a slow form of self-euthanasia’. 

A 2021 study by supplement brand Formulate Health shows how widespread a problem insomnia is in Britain, but also teases out some fascinating insights into who struggles most with their sleep and where the highest rates of insomnia are found nationally. Highlights from the survey show that 39% of UK adults struggle to get to sleep at least on a weekly basis, and that nearly half of the UK has trouble falling asleep at least once a month. The survey also reveals a number of insomnia hot spots around the country. Walsall in the West Midlands scores the highest number of Google searches for ‘can’t sleep’, while St Helens is the location for the highest prescribing of insomnia medication.

Women are shown to have more trouble getting to sleep than men, while people aged 45-54 struggle the most with sleep (two-thirds of this group report difficulty getting to sleep at least once a month). Young adults (those aged 18-24) are the second most impacted group. 

Prescribing sleep
While Walker’s warnings about poor quality sleep are sobering, he actually wants us to turn this negative thinking on its head and look upon good sleep (and getting the right quantities of it) as a gateway to optimal health and wellbeing. To do that, he says, we need to think of sleep as the ‘third pillar of the health trinity’, alongside diet and exercise. He is so convinced about the connection between good quality sleep and good health that he talks about ‘prescribing sleep’. Now, there’s a business opportunity.

Keep calm, and carry on taking CBD
UK CBD brand TRIP says its mission is ‘to share calm in everyday chaos’. In this spirit the brand recently launched its first national billboard campaign in a bid to ‘share positive affirmations and help people find their calm during their daily life’. Founder Olivia Ferdi explains: “As we’ve shared positive affirmations online we’ve seen that our community really values it … We wanted to use our billboards to further encourage people to consider their mental wellbeing through our ‘Be kind to your mind’ campaign and open up conversations.”

Three simple hacks to beat tiredness and fatigue
Kinetic nutrition adviser Ella Owen offers three simple ways to tackle tiredness and fatigue (if tiredness persists, she advises, talk to a doctor to rule out medical causes):

• Remember to drink water as it contributes to the maintenance of normal physical and cognitive functions
• If you often feel ‘wired and tired’, you may want to support your nervous system by incorporating rituals of relaxation into your day – such as essential oil baths and meditation
• A balanced, varied wholefood diet will supply you with energy-supporting nutrients such as B vitamins, magnesium, iron and vitamin C. It can be very tempting to reach for sugary and refined foods, caffeine and other stimulants when we are tired – they give us a quick energy rush, but do not sustain lasting energy. Go for low to medium glycaemic foods and swap sugary snacks for slower burning nuts and seeds, blueberries or hummus dips.


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