Get in the mood with Clipper Teas latest organic infusions


Clipper Teas has introduced three new organic infusions made with functional ingredients to support better health and focus on key consumer wellness trends.

Bring the Zing Lemon & Ginger Bring the Zing is targeted at those looking for an energy boost; Cleanse with Benefits Citrus, Nettle & Fennel aids metabolism; and Restoring Roots Ginger & Turmeric offers a spicy and warm Fairtrade blend designed to appeal to those seeking a ‘warming hug in a mug’.

The packs feature vibrant illustrations and bright colours to stand out on shelf, and this has been echoed in revamped pack designs for the brand’s Organic Snore & Peace and Organic After Dinner Mints infusions, which also have improved recipes to better aid sleep and support digestion.

“Infusion teas are incredibly appealing to a health-conscious consumer, especially now when taking care of our health to prevent long-term illness, is high on the public agenda,” explains Clipper Teas brand controller at Ecotone UK, Caroline Rose. “Wellness factors like getting enough sleep or having better digestion, are also becoming a priority for those wanting to live better.

“Our functional teas are perfect for health-conscious consumers as not only are they delicious, but they are also 100% natural and organic, which is better for personal health and the health of the planet too. Meeting the needs of Generation Tea, this range will appeal to these who care about what they put into their bodies, as well as the environmental impact their purchasing decisions have.”

The launch will be supported with promotions, POS, shopper activations and sampling.