Dutch vegan and organic brand Happy Coco! is launching a line of Vegan Ice Creams and Probiotic Superfood Smoothies in April.

The ice creams are based on coconut milk and are available in 120ml and 500ml tubs in flavours comprising Chocolate, Caramel Sea Salt and Berries.

The cold-pressed Probiotic Superfood Smoothies are available in four varieties and combine coconut water with fruit and veg juices, pulps and superfood powders. The options are: Mango Maca, Pineapple Kurkuma, Greens Moringa and Blueberry Acai.

The products are packed in fully compostable bottles made using plant-derived polylactic acid that naturally composts and forms no toxic fumes when burned. The cap is made from bioplastic, and has a much lower carbon footprint then oil-based plastic. The ice cream is packed in FSC-certified carton cups with wooden spoons. Happy Coco! aims to make its entire product line compostable in the near future.

“As a brand manufacturer, we must offer the market a broad and specific product portfolio,” says the brand’s quality manager Matthias Nitschke. “With the new Smoothies and Ice Cream, we are opening up completely new product groups and still remain in the fresh foods sector. Furthermore, we believe our dedication for ecological solutions will differentiate us from our competitors.”

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