OGGS eggs on plant-based bakers

OGGS Aquafaba
OGGS Aquafaba

OGGS has launched Aquafaba, the UK’s first patented plant-based egg alternative designed as a practical store cupboard staple for use in cooking and baking.

The cruelty-free ready-to-pour liquid egg alternative, which the brand claims is set to completely ‘reshape the future of home cooking and baking’ whips, whisks and binds just like egg whites and is not just for vegans but for ‘anyone who wants to swap an egg for an OGG’.

100% plant-based and low calorie, OGGS Aquafaba is made using chickpea water, which is naturally free from egg, dairy, gluten and soya, so is suitable for those with allergies or anyone looking for sustainable plant-based swaps in their diet.

The brand says the product is convenient and consistent, ‘with little personal compromise’, and comes in a 200ml carton, which although equivalent to four eggs is longer lasting and can be stored in the cupboard for up to 12 months, helping to reduce food waste.

OGGS Aquafaba can be used in everything from bang bang broccoli, brownies and vegan whisky sour,  to meringues, mousses, mayos and sauces.

“Whilst you can drain a can of chickpeas, the lack of consistent performance, as well as the inconveniences that present themselves in doing that, brought about the realisation that we needed to make a standalone convenient, accessible product that gives consistent results,” explains OGGS founder Hannah Carter. “After a lot of research and working with the biochemistry and food science departments of two universities, we were able to identify the optimal chemical formula for aquafaba, and this formula has been patented. This is how we deliver a product that is stable, consistent and easy-to-use.

“By providing a reliable and accessible alternative that consistently performs just as well as eggs, OGGS Aquafaba has the potential to inspire long-term, sustainable change in people’s food choices, without compromise. Consequently, this change will have an extraordinarily positive impact for animals and the planet.”

The product comes in FSC sustainably sourced packaging which is fully recyclable.