The Organic Research Centre (ORC) has launched a Climate Friendly Farming campaign and is calling on industry to support it.

The ORC is collecting donations for its Climate Friendly Farming operation via The Big Give to enable it to ‘change agricultural practice to expand nature friendly farming in the UK’. “We can do this by providing farmers with science-based evidence and the real-world experience of their peers to demonstrate that they can change how they farm the land and become a positive force towards climate change, whilst still running an economically viable business,” says the ORC. “The more farmers we can encourage to adopt nature friendly farming the easier it is to influence wider policy decisions.”

The ORC wants to see increased acreage dedicated to organic or agroecological farming and says it will work with other organizations to expand the resources on its knowledge exchange website. The organization says it will also develop a new multi-channel communication strategy ‘to reach those in the farming community that do not currently engage with us, in order to promote the viability of sustainable farming to as wide an audience as possible’.

With a target of £20,000, the ORC plans to apportion its funds in the following way: £5,000 would pay for a number of events nationwide, to engage with farmers; £2,000 would be used for a dedicated communications platform to share the events online; a further £5,000 would enable the ORC to review its archive of research and re-present it to a wider farming community; and £8,000 would cover a series of case studies looking at climate-friendly farming methods across different geographical regions.

The ORC’s donations page can be found here: