Organic Apoteke’s newly launched herbal tea collection has been formulated to nourish, aid digestion, strengthen the nervous system and encourage detoxification.

The trio of Organic Apoteke teas – AntiOxidant Afternoon, Nourishing Night and Organic Detox Tea – are based on the roots of Ayurveda and follow Ayurvedic guidelines as to how the herbs are combined. The herbs used are air- and sun-dried in small batches and the teas are mixed in small volumes.

AntiOxidant Afternoon Tea is a blend of natural antioxidants to encourage cellular healing and provide an energy boost to prevent the mid-afternoon dip. The key ingredients are polyphenol-rich hibiscus flower which helps fight infection and improve digestion; rosehip to help strengthen the immune system and reduce pain and inflammation; and tea rose Damascena which is rich in vitamins C and A and helps balance mood and hormones.

Nourishing Night Tea contains selected herbs to help relax the body, soothe the senses, aid digestion and nutritional absorption, while giving the body a helping hand to heal itself. The tea combines relaxing chamomile flower and leaf with lavender flowers to aid with sleep and calm the mind, and passionflower to sooth the stomach.

Organic Detox Tea is a blend of cleansing herbs with purifying and detoxing properties to help maintain a healthy, glowing complexion. Ingredients include antioxidant-rich dandelion flower and leaf to help detox the liver and reduce water retention; sencha young green tea leaf to increase fat burning metabolism, stimulate brain function and reduce inflammation; and lemon balm new shoots to help improve digestion and metabolism, stimulate the immune system and reduce symptoms of stress.

“Teas have a very special place in my family,” explains brand founder Nitisha Buldeo. “A cup of herbal tea symbolized a time to relax, a time for a chat, it was used to soothe emotions, to encourage conversation, and to treat a variety of ills. The important thing was knowing the correct herbal blend for each situation … If you got herb blend right, the tea was the healer.”

Organic Apoteke herbal tea packaging is compostable – the tea herbs are packaged in a biodegradable cellulose bag, which are placed in a recycled card box.