Windmill Organics announces ambient and chilled product launches

Windmill Organics has revealed a number of new launches to its ambient and chilled ranges.

Biona Black Bean Cashew BurgerBiona’s Salted Caramel Coconut Bliss is made from high quality coconut flesh blended with coconut blossom nectar and pink Himalayan salt. Organic and vegan it contains no refined sugar or palm fat.

Profusion Organic Super Popcorn is light and crispy organic wholegrain butterfly popcorn available in two varieties: Sweet & Salty Maca and Turmeric Cinnamon Spice. The naturally gluten-free popcorn is hand-popped and tossed in coconut oil, sprinkled with superfoods and lightly sweetened with maple syrup – no artificial colours or flavours are used.

Profusion has also introduced Organic Gluten-Free Turmeric Rice Bread, made with wholegrain rice, millet, corn and added turmeric for a wholesome, lightly fragrant loaf with a subtle flavour. Another new bread comes from Amisa. Its Gluten-Free Olive Ciabatta is produced with corn and rice sourdough and loaded with Kalamata olives for a rich and aromatic savoury bread.

The Profusion Organic Protein Boosted Muesli combines organic oats, rice protein, nuts, seeds and fruit for a sweet and creamy muesli. A nutritious blend of plant-based protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates that aims to keep you fuller for longer.

In its chilled range, Biona has introduced Organic Vegan Burgers in two varieties: Black Bean Cashew Burgers, made with black beans, fresh vegetables and crunchy cashews, seasoned for a delicately smoky and mild nutty flavour; and Red Lentil Sun Seed Burgers which combine red lentils, pumpkin and sunflower seeds with a subtle hint of spice. The burgers use all natural, organic ingredients and are free from artificial colours or flavours.

And finally, Biona’s Organic Fresh Vegan Tagliatelle has launched. Made with premium quality durum wheat and rice flour, this vegan pasta is egg-free and made with added turmeric for a traditional golden yellow colour and excellent flavour.