Snack satisfaction

Exclusive Mockups for Branding and Packaging Design

Newly launched UK brand Satisfied Snacks claims to have taken ‘the healthy ingredients of a salad’ to produce a light and crispy wafer in the form of Roughs, its first savoury snack product.

Created using 100% natural ingredients, variants include:  Beetroot & Goat’s Cheese, Tomato & Feta, Red Pepper & Walnut and Carrot & Kimchi, with the latter two being vegan.

Commenting on the launch, founder and CEO of Satisfied Snacks, Dr Heather Daniell, says: “Driven by the lack of healthy and tasty snack options I had to choose from I created a solution which is delicious, convenient to eat on the go, packed full of healthy and natural ingredients and doesn’t make any compromises.”

Using an all-natural patent-pending method to combine ingredients, Daniell was able to create Roughs without the need for added sugars or carbohydrates fillers.

Roughs contain at least one of the recommended 5 A Day and are also high in fibre. With no potato, corn, wheat, rice, oil or added sugar, they are dried rather than fried, and come in at under 100 calories per serving.

The gluten-free snacks are packaged in recyclable metal cans and are handmade in a UK production kitchen that runs on renewable energy and will be fully sustainable by the end of this month.