BetterYou creates ‘one-of-a-kind’ vit C spray

Vitamin C
Vitamin C

Natural health company BetterYou has unveiled its innovative new Vitamin C Oral Spray – an antioxidant blend of vitamin C, selenium, vitamin B2 and green tea.

This latest addition to the brand’s intra-oral spray range delivers 100mg of vitamin C – derived from a natural source of acerola cherry extract and calcium ascorbate – per daily dose.

Selenium has been included in the formulation for its role in adaptive immune responses, antioxidant defence and thyroid hormone metabolism, and vitamin B2 to help destroy free radicals and detox the liver. Green tea can stimulate the central nervous system, prevent vascular inflammation and maintain general health.

The cherry and blueberry flavoured supplement has been scientifically formulated to protect the body from oxidative stress and contains calcium ascorbate as a more gentle alternative to ascorbic acid, which can cause gastric irritation.

“Calcium ascorbate is an antioxidant substrate with increased oral bioavailability,” says BetterYou product developer Keeley Berry. “By combining this form of vitamin C with natural acerola cherry extract, we have been able to create a superior pill-free supplement solution – which is unrivalled in the natural health industry today.

“Clinical and epidemiological studies recommend 100mg per day of vitamin C supplementation for healthy individuals, an amount that is associated with a decreased risk of mortality from heart disease and stroke.”

The formulation is vegan-friendly, palm oil and palm oil derivative-free and packaged in a bottle made from carbon-negative, plant-based plastic combined with post-consumer recycled plastic.